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Little Dragon

Constant Surprises (4:34)


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  • Good video. We get to see how lovely Yukimi Nagano's is and how great her voice is.
  • Yukimi!
  • =) (=
  • So fucking good, it hurts.
  • ohh wie schön...
  • So Good Song!!
  • создает удивительное настроение.
  • So smooth
  • :) ♥
  • I went into this song
  • i have the biggest crush on Yukimi.
  • The beat is really catchy ^^
  • LOVE.
  • Gorillaz for the recommendation WIN
  • I wish some of the crap female artists that are on the radio would listen to voices like Yukimi's, realize how awful theirs is, and disappear.
  • Thanks to the Gorillaz for this discovery!
  • If I had to listen to one voice for the rest of my life I'd choose Yukimi's voice.
  • <3 the beat
  • =)
  • Best track on the album. Funkayyy :D
  • love this shit
  • I love little dragon. She has such a soulful voice!
  • <3
  • Very soulful.
  • love the video to this song.
  • !
  • Reminds me of The Fugees a bit..
  • They do it right every time. Love their sound.
  • some call it coincidence, but, I like to call it fate
  • dope
  • neo soul much? i like this song
  • great
  • jammin'.......
  • love this!
  • I love thisss<3 thanx Angel ;-))
  • Perfect song!!!
  • I like it!!!
  • love it....
  • yeah, I like this.........
  • Beautiful Multi-tasking song, rich in intricate soulful vocal and urban beats. A "lust must"
  • I cannot get over how much talent is resident in this group. Peerless vocals doing legit, substantive lyrics over soulful, funky and orginal beats. I'm not sure anyone is doing it any better than Little Dragon.
  • my song of the year 2008
  • WU SAYS WOW :)
  • sound really good, scritti politti on trip-hop
  • I love this, very soulful

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