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  • Boosie's best... I wan ride candy mane!! 3rd verse is crazy, "I'm sippin gallons tryin to ease the pain (leanin) - hopin my niggas keep it gutta but they seem to change (ohhh) - that's why I'm solo - blowin dodo - in a different city - thinkin these niggas tryin to do me - but they rollin wit me - my ho da sickest but she listen to what the streets say - that got me stressin cause she might be leavin anyday - I try to pray but when I holla - he ain't holla back - that's why I'm missin prayers daily tryin to get these stacks - why that? cause the situation that I'm in - the judge tryin - to send me to the pen - and give me ten - and do me in - got me stressin - on some major shit - my mama agin - and my grandma and my baby's sick - this hatin shit got me one step away from clickin - it's me against the world livin - got all my people bitchin - I look my mama in her eyes told her respect the game - she like boosie leave it alone look at craig ganes - damn"
  • its kool

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