• Interview - Nostalgia 77

    13. Mai. 2007, 9:39 von oemebamo

    Born in ’77 Ben Lamdin has managed to build up quite a career over the years. From hip-hop over funk, but lately Ben Lamdin – be it under the ‘Nostalgia 77’ moniker or the live band ‘N77 Octet’ - finds himself more at ease at the jazz ends of the spectrum. And rather successful.

    Borderlands’ got quite some acclaim.
    Ben: Yeah, receiving Gilles Peterson’s ‘jazz album of the year’ was really nice. Of course, I still see problems in it. But bearing in mind that it was the first time we got all these people to work together collectively, I’m very pleased with the result. Impossible Equation was my favourite thing that came out of that recording session. It’s a bit more original, reflective. More like we believe the band should sound like.

    Last month we went back to record a sequel. To a different place in Wales. Last time we kind of set up our own studio for a week, this time we went in an established studio. Which belongs to Martin Levan, who’s quite an interesting character. Busy engineer in the UK in 60s and 70s. …
  • Archie Shepp "Kwanza"

    11. Aug. 2006, 14:49 von frond

    Archie Shepp "Kwanza"
    If you read the Babatunde Lea entry, you'd know the kind of jazz I dig. Righteous jazz. And this one has it in spades! A 40 minute set of black jazz, with an all-star cast (dig: Leon Thomas, Grachan Moncur III, Lester Bowie, ) and recorded in 1969 (but apparently only released in 1974), this is avant/free without being annoying and mindless. And you'll learn all about the Kwanza! 12/15.