• Some more recommendations

    7. Jan. 2008, 8:00 von Kapitankraut

    Well, it's that time of the week again. Let's see what LastFM thinks I should be listening to:

    1. Impaled Nazarene - "Intro"
    I've been meaning to hear this band for a while, actually, since they're connected to just about everyone in the Finnish black metal scene. Unfortunately, this track (the intro to the wonderfully-named "Suomi Finland Perkele" - ask me why it's so wonderful if you don't know) doesn't really help me work out what they sound like. I'll leave them on my rec-list and see what comes up later on.

    2. Karbo - "My Life Fled"
    A young Dutch band apparently playing "groove metal" (which they claim on their bio page to be a unique sound, so they presumably live in a cave), but sounding a bit like a nu-metal act in the process with some rapping involved. Not a bad overall package, but rather generic. Their harsh vocalist sounds like he's lost his voice.

    3. Burzum - "Dungeons of Darkness"
  • European Tour

    19. Nov. 2007, 7:03 von socialname

    Lee will be going to Europe in June or July 2008. Any promoters, venues, or people interested in having Lee perform in their town/city: please contact Chris Tokar at socialname@aol.com.
  • mix tape madness and 313 bands I've seen live

    5. Jun. 2007, 3:53 von memorybabe79

    I tried to tag every band I've seen live with "seen live" and got to 183 when I couldn't remember any more without the help of an ex-boyfriend or by calling up a college friend. I'm super bored tonight, OK?

    Also, my page now has a fully-streamable mix tape of 23 of my favorite songs. It spans everything from Radio dept. to two beautiful ballads by fellow-Brooklyn-ite and friend Lee Feldman, The Boo Radleys to Cat Power and Epo-555, plus a gorgeous Echo And The Bunnymen cover by the lovely Nouvelle Vague.

    Hope you like it! Happy Summer from Brooklyn! XO M