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Lawrence English (born 1976) is a composer, media artist and curator living in Brisbane, Australia. For over a decade he has been an increasingly active force in Australian sound art and experimental music - both as a creator and curator.

His recorded work is widely published on a variety of respected labels including Touch Music, Crónica, Baskaru, Winds Measure and numerous others.

His sound works move across a broad range of spheres from electronic based composition, through to evocative field recordings that seek to reveal those sound spaces largely ignored or inaudible. His Studies For Stradbroke edition for example drew out a variety of hydrophonic atmospheres from Stradbroke Island - capturing sounds as delicate as sand grains in motion.

As a producer English has worked extensively to develop a unique perspective on the possibilities of deconstruction of expectation with song form - working for artists such as Tujiko Noriko, Tenniscoats and The Rational Academy amongst others.

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