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  • There's more funeral doom influence on this (especially on the two full-lengths) than crust influence.
  • It's probably worth pointing out that while the band members don't mind being associated with the RABM movement, they don't themselves identify as anarchists or communists, unless that's changed since the last interview I read with them. Also I don't hear much/any crust punk influence on this. It's just solid atmospheric black metal.
  • The hell is a "crustie"? They're fairly good at black metal, imo. New album is a little over-long and could've been better off without a few of the weaker tracks, but when they hit their stride they hit it hard.
  • great...another group of crusties trying to play black metal. I have trouble taking "red and anarchist black metal" serious
  • - I love bands who make their music available for free... but not releasing on CD or Vinyl is just stupid. I would prefer to pay for the physical item. Despite the kvltness I don't want a cassette because the audio quality is inferior, and theres little space for artwork. That said, based on what I've heard the band sounds amazing. Release the latest on vinyl and I'll buy it at a high price.
  • the tape is super cheap though.
  • You can also purchase it through their bandcamp, name your price, however, if you aren't going to buy the cassette at least toss a few bucks over their way.
  • deep black. find it a bit odd that an album like Omnipotens Tyrannus is a cassette-only release.
  • Great!
  • Don't know how I failed to hear about the latest album for more than two whole months after it came out. It's lived up to expectations. Any info about whether it'll appear on vinyl?

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