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La Roux

In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix) (5:11)


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  • Skrillex produces amazing remixes, haterz gonna hate.
  • Just No. The Skream remix breathes new life into the original song. This brings nothing to the original. It's just a Skrillex song with La Roux sampled.
  • Elly Jackson's voice of La Roux just goes with anything, and that's awesome
  • This is one of my absolute favorite songs EVER. ETAAEUBTUIAEBTUIBTI
  • nice!
  • <3 There's a reason why thousands of people go to his shows @koziatek: You'er just an other Skrillex. Get off!
  • fuck skrillex iv heard better in basements in the middle of york pa. n this fucker has a following. do yourslef a favore look up dirty nitrous 3rd set
  • Wow that bridge is electric... very unexpected for me to actually like it...
  • great song to skate to fasho
  • I haven't heard the original, but it sounds exactly like this.
  • @ least he doesnt just sit there like " yeah, i'm just that awesome" and walk away from the tables with his hands held up like alot of other dj's
  • Haters gonna hate. Skrillex is a talented producer, whether you like him as a DJ or not.
  • Love this remix.
  • Best Skrillex Remix!
  • One of the best remixes I've ever heard!
  • I dig this skrillex fellars
  • Great dubstep!
  • skrillex manages to rape every song he touches
  • Way better than the original
  • this song is so perfect
  • is this where Skrillex got his inspiration?
  • Love this!
  • Skreams remix is alright but I prefer Skrillex's remix.
  • yes skrillex
  • There's already a dubstep remix of this song by Skream, and that one doesn't suck.
  • La Skrillex!
  • Needs moar dubsteps herpderp
  • In love with this girl! Beautiful voice, great vibe...
  • sweet song
  • i LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gave me a headache.
  • La Roux reminds me of the girl who plays FRANKIE in the UK SKINS
  • one my fave skrillex remixes <333333333333
  • its...okay.
  • Awe.. ):
  • "The bass is hitting so damn hard!"?? there's fuck all bass on it.
  • just impossibly bad
  • I like Skrillex and I like La Roux, but this is just... No. Please no.
  • It was pretty bland untill 1:30.
  • too bad skrillex sucks balls
  • I can not express how much I love this remix
  • Words cannot express the utter awesomeness of this. The bass is hitting so damn hard!
  • this remix + headphones = win
  • Remix 1, Original 0
  • YES!! d*_*b Heavy Mix!
  • wow you can't do this too me it's too good....


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