• 1st time djing set one friday nov 10th, 2006

    12. Nov. 2006, 6:05 von picollo7

    1st set ever at a grad med student party Friday night nov 10 2006

    sunglasses at night - tiga and zyntherius+++
    feel good inc - gorillaz (stanton warriors edit)+++
    drop the pressure - mylo (stanton warriors edit)++
    sexy back - justin timberlake++
    who's your daddy - benny benassi++
    robot rock - daft punk+
    after dark - le tigreneutral
    how we do - mount simsneutral
    work it punk - jds vs missy elliot++
    koochy - armand van helden-- started to early in the song, too much of that scratching
    nympho - dj assault+
    rock the shocker - peaches+++
    trick or treat - phon.o++++ this had everybody bouncin
    coochie coo - princess superstar++
    gimme head - dj deeon+
    i like the way you move - bodyrockers++
    juicy juicy - armand van helden++
    toop toop - cassius+
    echoes - the rapture++
    sesame seed - kool and the gang+
    thrills - lcd soundsystem++
  • That's baby-makin' music

    30. Jan. 2006, 15:19 von LittleRoom

    I recently purchased LCD Soundsystem's self-titled CD, after hearing "Tribulations" and "Daft Punk is Playing In My House" enough times that I had to check out their other stuff. I'm wary about buying entire albums on iTunes, lest I not like it, because then I'm reluctant to delete the songs (well, even if I don't listen to them, I still paid for them!) To make a long story short, I am extremely pleased with the music - to say the least! "Thrills", "Movement", and "Losing My Edge" are just a few of my favorite tracks.
    Makes me wanna give a lap dance to some unsuspecting boy. LCD Soundsystem