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L'Arc~en~Ciel (jap. ラルク アン シエル) ist eine seit 1991 bestehende J-Rock-Band (japanische Rockmusik).

L'Arc~en~Ciel wurde im Februar 1991 in Ōsaka von Bassist und Bandleader Tetsuya (Tetsuya Ogawa) gegründet. Die weiteren Gründungsmitglieder waren neben dem Sänger Hyde (Hideto Takarai) auch der Schlagzeuger Pero und der Gitarrist Hiro, letzterer verließ die Band jedoch bereits im Laufe des Jahres 1992 wieder. Nach dem…

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  • new single 12/23
  • this band will never get old. Timeless - great stuff...guitar melodies are perfect. Hyde's silky voice is gorgeous. The bass is so catchy. The drums match the rhythm of ours hearts' beating when we just passionately love this band. L'Arc~en~Ciel for the win.
  • yeah @x03c6 you have serious problems with your brain. *o* gosh what stupid things I can read on internet from some people seriously...
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  • Just noticed how dirty the lyrics of metropolis is. Oh Hyde.
  • Now you can show off as Hyde and sing Laruku and lots of other Japanese music in the Japanese regionfree karaoke app JOYSOUND.TV Plus for PS3/PS4 (it's regionfree for PS4 at least)! Which Laruku songs do you dare not to sing? Check out the videos of the Japanese guys singing Flower. So good!
  • L'Arc~en~Ciel is a band I needed to really listen to for the longest time. I started from the beginning with Dune and Tierra and I'm in love. They are magical albums. Can't wait to explore the rest of their material!
  • v Lmao
  • Oh the main pic....
  • Japan is a sick country but has a very powerful culture that influences the younger generation. For example, manga aimed to standardize child pornography, incest in the family, the extreme violence and especially homosexuality. If you read yaoi or ero-guro, you will know that what I say is the truth. I'm not very religious but they remind me of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. I think it is because of their obscenity that God hates them. Japanese boys from boys band that they produce are very effeminate (to not to say "queer as folk") but girls just think they are "kawaii" .. In addition, they live in an inhumane society that hates foreigners, but everyone thinks it's wonderful. Recently I read the prophecies of a man called Nicolaas van Rensburg extremely popular in Europe who predicted with infinite detail all the world wars and the tragic ending of this country for exactly the same reasons I just mentioned. 私はあなたに真実を伝える許し。

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