• New Releases! 8BP120 + 8BP121

    1. Jun. 2011, 20:49 von twilex

    Grab these releases and more @ http://www.8bitpeoples.com

    Kplecraft - L 012

    This release sees the return of Kplecraft to 8bitpeoples four years after their previous EP. On L 012 you can expect all of the usual Kplecraft goodness: tunes written for NES accompanied by layers and layers of additional instrumentation played by the Kplecraft members. Kuske on saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, recorder and Andes 25F; with Eddie on congas, bongos, ukelele, trumpet and trombone. A sonic treat that destroys any divide that existed between chiptune and acoustic music.

    The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Computer Savvy

    Every member of The J. Arthur Keenes Band have put their heads together to bring you this long-overdue release of 7 gameboy-based pop songs. Smothered in nearly more overdubs than the substandard system it was recorded on could process, Computer Savvy offers a hazy blend of the archaic sounds you know and love with as many other sounds as could fit.
  • Nobuooo 12.08 Top Stories

    30. Jan. 2009, 21:15 von jeriaska

    Below is a selection from among the top-rated and most viewed news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website for December of 2008. Enjoy.


    Nobuooo 12.08 Update

    The ninth episode in a monthly video series. Kenley of Into the Score, the only podcast solely devoted to the academic study of game music, offers a preview of what's to come in 2009. Cheba of the Brazilian game arrangement band 8 Bit Instrumental introduces album The Number of the Bit. Finally, info on six interviews with videogame musicians performing at the EXTRA Hyper Game Music Event in Tokyo.



    Into the Score, Episode 24 - Live at the Chaos Theatre

    In the most recent episode of "Into the Score" (the only podcast solely devoted to the academic study of video game music), we dive into 1995's "EarthBound", scored by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka! We look at how "EB" broke the mould of traditional RPGs…
  • Happy Noise Monday at UrBANGUILD, 1/28/08

    30. Jan. 2008, 4:29 von djgizmoe

    Well, my big DJ night at UrBANGUILD finally arrived, and all said, it went pretty well. I got their really early, and most of Oh My Cow! (Hide from Ultra Bide, Donald the Nut from Three Day Stubble and Reo from ULTRA Jr) were doing their soundcheck. After I set up my stuff at the DJ table (man that mixer is crap...), we waited for people to start filtering in.

    Around 7, things got underway. I started a little improv looping on my DS which amused the crowd a bit, and then I slowly mixed in some Reiko Ike and noise and we were moving. I ended up playing between each set, and I had a 30 minute DJ time where I played some tracks I'd mashed up before hand with ACID. The Game Boy geeks dug my Covox meets Tenchi Muyo! mega-mix, Hide blushed (figuratively) when I played some of his songs mixed with Doddodo and Carl Stalling and the whole crowd really got behind my Kill the Poor/Hecate/Get Innocuous! mash-up. I had to end things about three minutes earlier than I'd hoped (missing out on my grand finale meltdown), but shit happens.
  • The (Butt)-Rape of Kyoto, UrBANGUILD 10/26/07

    31. Okt. 2007, 3:17 von djgizmoe

    The last time I saw a Chipstriker event at Osaka, it was at Triangle in Osaka and cost an arm and a leg. This time around these geeks were promoting a more modest (and more modestly priced) event at UrBANGUILD, so I decided to give these guys another chance to entertain me with their nerdiness.

    Meeting up with Nick and cuz at ING, we sauntered over a few minutes after 9, and they were playing electronica rather quietly in the background. The first guy came on around 10, and it was KAZ a.k.a. Hige, the same guy (I think) who opened the last event in Osaka. What do you get when you mix cartoon jail-bait with cheesy faux-PC-porn-choose-your-adventure-game-BGM? Hige, that's what. Actually it was all pretty amusing, and we were all looking forward to the next DJ/act.

    Then our friend and co-worker Gavin shows up, and everything went to shit. Now, I'm not saying that I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Gavin was responsible, but if it were a civil case, I think I could probably win. …
  • Reviews: Kplecraft, Haruomi Hosono, Supernatural

    31. Jul. 2007, 23:19 von djgizmoe

    Unedited Japanzine Reviews

    Kuon Records

    Well here’s an intriguing specimen, and the obi basically spells it out: “Chiptune + Electro-Acoustic…!?” Confused yet? Well, appropriate the (by now) standard 8-bit, Game Boy take on geeky Casiocore and spice it up and space it out with strategic use of saxophone, melodica, djembe, conga and didgeridoo. Finally, add catchy titles like “AP-RD0032” and “NNVV-LLLL”, and you’ve got the perfect gift for every Nintendork turned pothead on your X’mas list. Grok that okay? Neither did I. Which is not to say this actually sucks. There’s something oddly subversive and undeniably hypnotic about Hamlin, and just when you think things are getting too zoned out from bleep loops and echoey sax solos, up pop guest vocalists Rensuke Oshikiri and Oharamaya to keep you from nodding off with the rest of the lotus eaters; in particular, Oshikiri’s oh-so-very Denki Groove-esque contribution to “Sharkuon” is a rambunctious stand out. …
  • Chipstriker Osaka, 4/7/07

    10. Apr. 2007, 6:05 von djgizmoe

    Sat 7 Apr – Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Role Model, Hally, Blasterhead, Kplecraft, BSK, portalenz, midnight sleazy

    Well, after enduring a 7 hour seminar on computer-based EFL instruction in Umeda, I popped down to Namba for a little of the old ultra-weirdness. First, I dropped by Covent Garden for a beer. Maybe it was me, but the place has changed a bit since I was last there, perhaps owing to the fact that its friendly Australian bartendress/part-owner(?) was AWOL that night (and their draft beer choices had shrunk). Maybe it was simply the fact that they had moved things around for their in-door hanami party event. Anyway, I didn't stay for more than a couple of minutes before I decided to head back towards Sankaku Koen. On the way I bumped into some English-speaking gaijin-groupies lost on their way to Cafe Absinthe. I (in a gesture of true gentlemantality), led them there, where I bumped into Andrew, a new Ritsumeikan co-worker, and a group of revelers on the patio (Gregory, Kae and Yuka, if memory serves). …