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Korpiklaani (finnisch für: Klan des Waldes/ der Wildnis) ist eine Folk Metal-Band aus Finnland mit starken Einflüssen aus der traditionellen Volksmusik, vor allem dem Humppa. Die Texte der Band handeln von mythologischen Themen, sowie der Natur und dem Feiern, wobei auch reine Instrumentalstücke in ihrem Repertoire vorhanden sind. Musikalisch sind sie mit „Finntroll“ vergleichbar, wobei letztere eher Elemente aus dem Black…

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  • help us to Bring old back:
  • Totaly awesome to finaly see live!
  • люблю этих мужиков
  • My all time favorite band. They never disappointed me.
  • оп, песенка про водку XD
  • Been listening to a lot of them lately, and really, they have a good consistent sound. But that's a flaw in my opinion, I've been listening to multiple albums a day for a week now and most of them just blend together, nothing really setting them apart. If there is something that sets them all apart, then I'm not getting catching it.
  • Well most of people only knows ''vodka'' from them and there start thinking korpiklaani only have drinking songs. Manala was pretty heavy folk metal, but the songs and lyrics are pretty epic. Sumussa hämärän aamun is true piece of art and its very mind blowing song =). In my opinion Korpiklaani is only band that have no poor songs, theyre all worth listening. Sad thing is, people from other countries listen more korpiklaani than actual finns. Music is getting shit all of time, but korpiklaani is still best folk metal you can get = )
  • I've read a couple of reviews from Noita. Now tell me, why does noone realize that Korpiklaani have matured? Since Manala, they have become much darker and heavier, from the album covers to their actual music.
  • Vodka é a mais divertida.
  • My favorite band =(

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