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Korova is found in 1990 by mastermind Christof Niederwieser and two punks. In the beginning they play a peculiar kind of thrash punk. At their first concert in November 1991 they nearly get beaten off the stage, because they cannot play their instruments at all. In December 1993 Moritz Neuner (later known for his work with bands like Leave's Eyes, Atrocity, Abigor, Dornenreich, Graveworm or Darkwell) joins Korova.…

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  • Короооова)
  • Birmingham, Alabama Korova for life. [2]
  • Dead Like An Angel is a really great album.
  • I guess the best way to describe Korova's first album is Demilich performing covers of old Abigor songs, and then getting some dude to do opera vocals over it. Hell, the second song on the album starts out sounding almost exactly like the second song on Demilich's album, just more black metal and less death metal. Not saying that there's any sort of influence-based link between the bands, just that they cover similar ground in their respective genres.
  • I just got into the black metal Korova through a Bill Zebub documentary. I've only heard a Kiss in the Charnel Fields so far, but it's pretty cool, albeit super-weird black metally stuff. The thing I really like about them is that they aren't just bizarre on a surface level. There's a lot of "avantgarde" black metal bands that have lots of wacky stuff going on on an aesthetic level, but their songwriting is really just same old, same old. Korova write weird riffs and melodies and put them into weird song structures, so the weirdness feels more genuine and organic, instead of forced.
  • Кто здесь?!
  • Где энергия?! Где хорткор пунк, блеать?!11 Обидно, давайте поднимем тэги, что ли...%)
  • корова
  • If you think the metal Korova is boring, then it's no wonder you like hardcore.
  • Indeed.

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