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  • Where has this been all my life????? [2]
  • [url=]Here is a fabulous review of the new album.....[/url]
  • Where has this been all my life?????
  • His music is so happy and uplifting. [3]
  • His music is so happy and uplifting. [3]
  • The song that came with his Royal Daark blend is crazy cute and great
  • New acoustic session from Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall Trees.. 'Q&A'
  • Awesome performance in Amsterdam. He has such great energy.
  • Gives me chills.
  • He IS love
  • bumbershoot performance was something special
  • Amazing, moving performance last night in Charlotte!
  • up high!
  • His music is so happy and uplifting. [2]
  • I've only listened to one song and I love this guy. His music is so happy and uplifting.
  • reallyyyy diggin' the new album. Well done!
  • absolutely incredible
  • The new album is so good. One of the best of this year.
  • [3] Damn, the new album slays.
  • He's ridiculously awesome. I so love.
  • unreasonably phenomenal live. just wow
  • [2] Damn, the new album slays.
  • Damn, the new album slays.
  • Hahaha is my absolute favorite song right now. The highs and lows in that are mind bending!!
  • hahaha!
  • Me agrada su música.
  • The bonus tracks are really good
  • Lighlight is great, but I'm nostalgic and miss Jupiter One :(
  • new album!!!!
  • Lots of love for Lighght
  • I love Kishi to death! and "Lighght" absolutely perfect! He seriously, knows how to leaves me speechless!
  • Lighght is the best album I had EVER listend to. can't get enough of it
  • Oh, so good!
  • lovelovelove<3
  • new album is woww
  • My year is made. There is more Kishi Bashi to be had!
  • Lighght is absolutely beautiful.
  • Q&A is the bomb
  • holy god lighght is amazing
  • Album now streaming on NPR: - it's *really* good!
  • Just stumbled across this artist while adding Shugo Tokumaru to my library! Wow. Totally blown away! :)
  • I love this Philosphize EP. But, I really can't wait to hear the new album! What a wonderful musician...
  • How did I just hear bout this guy now. I need to catch up on this discography
  • awesome new track
  • K has never been a self-serious musician, and has always been at his best when he's just having a good time. :)
  • Can't wait for Lighght, and think the artwork / tracklist / title is all amazing. It's the title of some poem, and I'm expecting Hahaha Pt. 1 and 2 to be very experimental.
  • I love K and all, but... "Lighght" might have the worst tracklist + title I've ever seen.
  • Listening to his solo work for the first time... loving it. surprised to see he doesn't have more listeners.
  • @enriquep15: He's been saying at his recent shows that his next album is coming out some time next spring. In fact, he told the audience at his September 11th show in Boston that he was putting down some material just hours before the band had to go on. Not only that, the album is almost done at this point.
  • I have no idea of when it's dropping, but Kishi Bashi's next release is one of the ones I look forward to the most. I also hope it's longer than 151a.


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