• 1991: My year, my music

    6. Feb. 2007, 21:59 von Orange_Anubis

    Trawling through lists of albums released this year, I immediately spotted my favourites. I'd love to write about how these four albums* each used lethargy in different ways to create new sounds within their respective genres, and what that might tell us about the state of the nation in 1991, wouldn't that be interesting? But I can't honestly claim to have listened to a single one of them at the time.

    If you're following this truncated life story of mine, you might remember that I'd just come out, leaving prayer and prudery behind, and was in the giddy environs of university at Cardiff. I'd also had a Christmas job selling ice creams at the panto (more here about dwarves & Dana, in my personal favourite of all my Chalk and Cheese posts).

    I had all of my teenage years to catch up on, and only a year to do it in. So it was a pretty relentless time of discos, dodgy fellas and debauchery (Note to self: at least five other years are going to have this theme - re-use this excuse?). …