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  • Sign to bring back old
  • volta logo mulher <3 [2]
  • volta logo mulher <3
  • Music is transnational,to promote the exchange of different cultures and looking forward to your information.
  • Pisa mesmo
  • Pisa na Beyoncé demaisssssss
  • Vem Keyshia. Já estou com sdds <3 [2]
  • Vem Keyshia. Já estou com sdds <3
  • People slept on the Point Of No Return album! It's actually a very good album... yes, certainly not her best but it's a decent album. Can't wait for her new material independently though. Love You KC!
  • pisa na beyoncé e não é pouco
  • Pise menos ❥
  • Love it
  • Samba sem prometer na mulher do Jay-Z
  • New NU ♥ [2]
  • New NU ♥
  • Pisa na xica, sem roubar Grammy.
  • 7º hinário ta vindo aí ♥
  • She damn sexy ^..^~~
  • <3
  • Apaixonado pela Keyshia *-*
  • I'm not feeling this album much so far. Can't even finish it in one sitting. Will have to listen to the rest some other time. It feels like she didn't even put much effort into it. Just going through the motions, rather than actually making music she's passionate about.
  • Loving the new album. I haven't enjoyed a Keyshia Cole album since A Different Me. This album is a little more raw like her earlier mixtapes.
  • she have 8 video new album Point Of No Return
  • RAINHA ♡ [2]
  • RAINHA ♡
  • Amazin new album.
  • the album is fine; there's just nothing really outstanding about it, is the thing
  • I loved the whole album. Loved so fucking much ♥
  • Can't stop listening now...I Remember (Part 2), Rick James, On Demand & New Nu <3 <3 <3
  • The album is wonderful, just shut the fuck up and enjoy it.
  • rick james is the worst song of all time
  • She definitely went rogue on this cd...but I like it.
  • Point of No Return <3
  • Deluxe version of the new album leaked already! It's so good! So much soul in her voice..
  • Remember (Part 2) ♡
  • i really do like her new sound, and i even like all of her albums but the song called "she" it feels like the song of the summer to me.
  • Not feeling any of her singles so far. Hope the album tracks are better. So far this is even worse (for me) than Calling All Hearts.
  • She ♡ [7]
  • She ♡ [6] video:


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