• 25 000 tracks played

    11. Nov. 2011, 14:36 von mightythor83

    Without further ado... the honor of being the 25000th track listened to by me was

    The Secret Circle from Kevin Max album Stereotype Be. It's been a while since I listened to Kevin Max so I thought it was about time.
  • Recommendations grab bag, for those who care

    27. Apr. 2006, 8:37 von rmajors

    One of my Christian friends who is mostly into jazz recently got some sort of online music account and wanted as general a musical recommendation as I could muster in order that she might branch out a little musically. This is the result - just a grab bag of the best and most varied albums I know, with an emphasis on what might be billed as Christian rock, since that is what I know best. Must-hears in bold.

    In other words, here's just another recommendations list (though I am confident in the must-hears.) Have fun.

    1. Billy Breathes
    Studio-refined jam band rock - absolutely amazing talent and soundcraft and whatnot. Get anything by Phish but this is the best studio album. My second favorite CD ever.
    2. Health and Sport by Luxury
    You almost certainly will not be able to find this, but if you do, keep it. It sounds a lot like a very very good Radiohead album, but better.
    3. Take Me To Your Leader
    The best of the '90s Christian pop/rock scene. Which is a pretty big scene.