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  • Love the name Wingtip! I've been waiting so long for his new solo album. atwinp, thanks for your good taste. I have discovered so many new artist because of you!
  • "in the meanwhile the electronic Kettel album called Wingtip is finally dragging itself out of a thick soup of delays and will be at manufacturing soon"
  • Patiently waiting. Hope you're well Reimer :-)
  • toen <3
  • how have I only discovered this guy now?
  • kettel is the best
  • My humble project:
  • Kettel, you master of melody!
  • her thin voice. это ж пиздец
  • Does anyone out there have an mp3 of These Birds Around Meadows from the Brother Max EP?
  • I'm looking forward to buying and listening to the new album
  • -> "2015 album is near"
  • kettel are you okay :(
  • I already have. He's my most scrobbled artist ;) Going back to my previous post about Kettel and video games, I would really want to see him making a soundtrack to a gorgeous indie game. He's already done Ibb & Obb but it would be cool to see something even bigger. It would be so cool to see his music in something similar to Journey, where visual beauty meets auditory beauty, where the combination is so tailor-made. That would be so fucking lovely. I really look forward to hearing something about the new album however, can't wait for that!
  • Machiaz check out The Flashbulb if you don't already know him. Where is the new album Kettel?!
  • Yeah that sounds about right. I would also add Gimmik to that list of artists that give you immense joy and satisfaction in a very special and charming way. The guy is flawless with melodies. If anyone else know of any other artists that make you feel the same way then feel free to post your recommendations ;)
  • yeah not too many, planet boelex, kettel, and secede are all i can think of off the top of my head.
  • Revisiting Myam James 1 right now. Always a delight rediscovering this guy because he always seem to surprise you no matter how many times you listen to him. Few artists make you feel as good as Kettel. There is nobody like him.
  • Still waiting patiently for the new album including Poblesec :) [2] well, kind of patiently...
  • Held!
  • Kettel is breaking it! Amazing!
  • Still waiting patiently for the new album including Poblesec :)
  • Came to Kettel via Plaid radio. Just perfect
  • Moved to netherlands and now i realized that he doesnt really play here. This sucks big time
  • cause your heads been up your ass! and there's tons more great music like this that you know nothing about! shameful!
  • Holy shit. How did I not know about this guy? He's a God.
  • the new album is so so so lovely .
  • It's great to see that Kettel is entering the world of video games with his lovely music, that will give him some exposure. That's just the market he should focus more attention on so more people will discover this great artist that he is. His music fits perfectly with charming and imaginative landscapes of fantasy worlds.
  • Poblesec is just lovely. And the ibb & obb OST is great too.
  • ibb & obb soundtrack is awesome.
  • can't wait for the new album!
  • Really looking forward to the new album now. Poblesec hits a sweet spot in me.
  • Reimer fucking Eising, ladies & gentlemen.
  • Myam James 2. It just has this playful, fantasy world-theme around it that I immedialety associate with old memories from my childhood [2]
  • magic music
  • Great news and great new track!
  • Myam James 2 fits so well as a soundtrack to Studio Ghibli's animated movies as well as Disney's, it always strikes me when I listen through Myam James 2. It just has this playful, fantasy world-theme around it that I immedialety associate with old memories from my childhood and it goes so well with these animated movies.
  • I want to marry this guy even though I'm not gay, I hope that's okay.
  • thx 4 the free unreleased 1s, bb!
  • it's all really great.
  • Twinkle Twinkle is really great *_*
  • 電車nottel
  • There are some delicious pieces of ambient music in Volleyed Iron-mood on the unreleased album. Check it out :)
  • oh yes!
  • oh my god, you guys...oh my god...
  • volleyed iron: one of the bestest ambient albums of all time! Are there any concerts in Poland in 2013??
  • Myam James Part II all the way :D
  • In all seriousness I think I've experienced more joy listening to this man's music than I have ever had from sex.
  • meanwhile in acidland...
  • check out the new new kettel + secede coming soon!!


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