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  • @justturnstohate: The irony.
  • Gimme that fucking top, betch.
  • @directorscuts you obviously don't listen to kelly~*~*~*
  • What are you guys talking about?
  • Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery [7]
  • i already been to heaven after 5 min i was like LETS GO
  • Boys just want to get in your tutu
  • oh by the way betch.
  • Tattoos are from the dev - il.
  • deck
  • Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery [4]
  • Betch!
  • Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery [3]
  • Kelly's Mom (Revisited) always makes me laugh.
  • Lool <33
  • Don't be a Betch!
  • — You're saying I'm your baby? — I'm saying you're A baby.
  • Kelly saves my life! [OMG Ru Paul as "similar artist" EPIC WIN!!!!]
  • ok, drink some poison and I will stab myself.
  • Don't be a Betch!
  • Vote for new pics! =) My favorite:
  • famous dutch? really? i never noticed
  • im gonna betchslap you shetbag :L :L
  • betch
  • shoes
  • haha i love shoes.
  • shoes, shoes, shoes, OMG, shoes
  • let's get some shoes!
  • Shoes <3
  • shoes
  • Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery
  • betch
  • those shoes are mine betch, gimme those fucking shoes betch
  •! :D xD
  • what tha hall
  • These shoes are mine Betch!
  • i've already been to heaven.
  • Betch!
  • Aren't we friends?
  • something hard and sandpapery P=
  • shoooooeeeesssssss!
  • betch
  • omg shoes
  • very nice
  • these shoes suck. uggs lol.
  • wtf
  • rad
  • LET'S GET 'EM!!


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