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Portrait (He Knew) (4:32)


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  • Love this song! AWESOME!!!!
  • excellent
  • If you're interested in meanings, Kerry made "Portrait ll." Look it up!
  • Groovy
  • Wikipedia says that the song is about Albert Einstein
  • This is vintage Kansas!
  • anybody?
  • is he singing about da vinci or nostradamus?
  • I is just not made with this much heart and soul anymore by teh new batch of so call musicans. Thank God for LASTFM keeping these great works alive.
  • This track sounds so much like Foreigner
  • songs out of my past - great
  • This is a live version, FIX YOUR TAGS!!
  • dschrammie blows.
  • I have been stoned to Kansas so many times. Excellent!
  • you run into those like dschrammie now and then that just are not capable of understanding music like this. The chord and time changes coupled with meaningful lyrics just blow their mind. I feel for them as they will never understand the feeling and emotion music like this can invoke. Pull up some Ramones or something you can fathom.
  • wow...I knew this song sucked...I wonder if he knew too. It blew.
  • I need to take five,,........
  • The first concert I was allowed to go to in Junior Hi. Kansas WAS part of the soundtrack of my youth!
  • I can still remember knocking the paint a ceilings of the house cranking the volume on this track from the best album they ever did! Great message too in the lyrics. Lot of memories with Kansas. I miss the 70s a lot of times!
  • Blood Sweat & Tears, Love, Love, Love this and them.. Alltime favourite....xxxXXX{}{{}{{}}{.
  • shit i love this song ,this album, this band the memories this band stir up for me is immense.........................oh and by the way it isn't the wrong cover
  • Memories !
  • Great song!
  • es muy buen musico
  • eu pasei poe acó !!!
  • Awesome song!
  • Great rockin' track

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