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  • Jesus, it kills me, beautiful
  • please play this in my funeral
  • Simply beautiful...
  • I take it all back, if anything, after eight years, Program Music I remains still severely underrated, and that is mostly due to its lack of exposure. The production value alone blows everything else from the past decade out of the water. Yes, at times the melodies are as cheesy as the ones you normally get to hear in car commercials, but in this barren wasteland that is the current music scene throwing away all traces of subtlety could prove immensely helpful - for, as a young musician, you just might need to be willing to undergo such sacrifices in order to anthemize your music.
  • I really just can't seem to get enough of this one.
  • fuck that, the composition's awesome as hell as is Night on the Galactic Railroad
  • at first I thought it sounds pretty cheap compared to other songs by Daisuke, but then it progressed and threw me right into nostalgia. I adore the talent, and although I don't dig the composition as much as some other songs by him, it lead me to a journey full of love. the 30 minutes passed in no time. it also feels so untrue, like it never happened... that's a good sign, haha, or it may just be the weed I'm still on a little bit. Anyways, great song.
  • i adore the production and talent in weaving together all these sounds into one coherent (even if some transitions are a little iffy) piece, but at the end of the day I can't help but feel it's trying to hard to be serious when, in all reality, the whole bit is a cheesy affair
  • gets better every time!!
  • i am fucking floored holy shit. masterpiece.

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