• 'Cus I love to guess...A lyrics game

    25. Jun. 2006, 23:54 von VeryFuzzyBunny

    Stolen from damn near everyone:

    Step 1: Open up winamp cus iTunes sucks and Windows Media Player is worse yet.
    Step 2: Put 'er on random. Elige canciones.
    Step 3: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter what it is.

    ***Googling the lyrics is cheating***

    Post your guesses to the comments. I'll cross out the songs when someone gets them right, you must have both the artist and the title correct. Artist included are listed at the bottom.

    1. Will you walk straight? We're not like them.

    2. I don't want you to try and save me, no I don't want you at all.

    3. My dewy-eyed disney bride, what has tried swapping your blood with formaldehyde

    4. So do I warn you? I see things when I hold you.

    5. From Jamaica to the world, this is just love.

    6. John you've been on the go ever since you were born and I imagine few people in the world today have travelled as much as you have. Now why?

    7. I'll take your words as if you were talking to me.