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Joni Mitchell

Little Green (4:04)


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  • Great song. It sorta reminds me of Nick Drake's musical style.
  • ☽ cancer moon ☾
  • ღڿڰۣڿ ღღڿڰۣڿ ღ
  • Just a little green Like the color when the spring is born....
  • Amazing voice and wonderfully unique melodies ♥
  • her lovely
  • I just love this song
  • There's something in her voice when she phrases "When the spring is born" that is so fucking soulful. It gets me right in the throat.
  • she's so human in her music it's refreshing
  • and sometimes there'll be sorrow, I think in everyone's life it's that way.
  • Can't help but tearing up. Knowing that it's about her daughter, and how she gave her up for adoption. "You're sad and you're sorry but you're not ashamed". How painful it must have been.
  • I think this might become my favorite on Blue.
  • this is beautiful! thanks joni!
  • "there'll be icicles and birthday clothes and sometimes there'll be sorrow..." so simple, sweet and profound
  • :( christ. The way she sings "and sometimes there'll be sorrow" breaks me [2]
  • :( christ. The way she sings "and sometimes there'll be sorrow" breaks me
  • I fell in love with a girl while listening to this song...but she is gone now but lives on in my heart :)
  • words can't express how much i love this incredible song.."Born with the moon in Cancer" <3
  • ♥ Exquisitely sung. ♥
  • It just doesnt get any better than this.
  • <3
  • Stunning Joni!
  • Just Joni Just brilliant!!!!!!
  • Dorks what a waste of time
  • Blue is Joni's 2nd best album after 'For the Roses' in my opinion. I've listened to her music since she released 'Big Yellow Taxi' and haven't found anyone who can truly match her musicianship skills. Her orchestral albums are immense! "You turn me on I'm a Radio" after 39 yrs of blissful listening!!!
  • With the soft features of wintry scene touched by the angels.
  • one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful tracks on Blue-- dammit I adore Joni and this song and her songwriting and her honesty...<3
  • é uma música linda, e não envelhece.....
  • one of her better songs...if you can beat great
  • This is a wonderful song.
  • i love you! brilliant song
  • What more can I say? I geat song and vocal from "Blue."
  • she's a genius
  • joni never fails to amuseme but somewhere the third song it all becomes corny and overly nice
  • Such a lovely song. I love her voice and her interpetations.
  • Alwayse wakes me up and inspires
  • touches me more than anything!!!! Thanks, Joni, you made this world that much cozier.
  • This gives me chills.
  • Sra. Madame Mitchell, un respeto mayúsculo
  • This song is so heartfelt. I'm so happy Joni and her daughter were reunited.
  • just the most beautiful music ever!!
  • Christ, this is great.
  • joni, so special artist.... love her way of being and creating and everything about her...
  • I love this song also loved this LP.Called BLUE
  • Beautiful
  • I prefer jazzy Joni to folky Joni. Still, it's hard to deny the crystalline beauty of this one.
  • What a beautiful and confessional song. Joni really revealed the deepest and most precious contents of her soul on this record.
  • So Sweet, and lovely


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