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    23. Apr. 2010, 15:55 von ainoac

  • Bitchin'

    11. Jul. 2008, 3:41 von llynnowens

    Wow. This took an eternity to do! I skipped a few where I didn't have that number on my chart and just subbed other numbers in other places. Blah...blah...blah...

    1. How did you get into 31?
    There really isn't any neat story behind it or anything...just one of those bands you read about, see merch for or whatever and end up checking out.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    There is no 22! It looks like the closest is Beastie Boys at 21. The first song with them would have been Girls, courtesy of an older brother singing it constantly for a while when we were kids.

    3. What's your favourite lyric by 29?
    For Gram Parsons, it's "We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning"
    "We're two people caught up in the flame
    that has to die out soon
    I didn't mean to start this fire and neither did you
    So tonight when you hold me tight
    we'll let the fire burn on
    And we'll sweep out the ashes in the morning"