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Johnny Cash

Hurt (3:37)

country · cover · acoustic · sad · folk

Johnny Cash covert Nine Inch Nails. Auf den ersten Blick scheinen hier zwei Welten aufeinander zu treffen, die - könnte man meinen - so rein gar nichts miteinander zu tun haben. Hält man sich allerdings den Text des Songs vor Augen, ist klar, dass diese Zeilen zu niemand anderem besser passen als zu Johnny Cash. Klar, Trent Reznor hat den Song geschrieben, aber sogar dieser hatte in einem Interview zugegeben, dass…

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I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real

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  • Bless you Johnny Cash for all the great songs you have given us. In the 60s 70s and 80s me and my ex husband were in a dutch navy crowd, with parties etc. there was when I first apreciated Johnny Cash.
  • This song mann. this song mannnn. *tear tear* he really made this his own like he did with "Hang my Head"
  • For those who think this is some sort of desecration of the original song, please read what Reznor himself has said about it: Don't like it still? Fine. Stop trying to ruin the enjoyment of everyone else in the process.
  • @karmapolice41 exactly! Both are great and different.
  • goosebumps
  • Pain...
  • Nice with headphones, so is this one,
  • This and the original are basically different songs. Cash is obviously singing from a very personal place, but we know he isn't talking about a heroin addiction, which is 100% what the original version is about. So instead of comparing the two, just enjoy them both for what they are. I happen to love them both pretty equally just because I've always like NIN, but I don't ever find myself comparing them because they're both just so good.
  • so sad
  • Epic.... his best cover since i wont back down

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