• The Ultimate Travelling Experience

    26. Feb. 2006, 19:58 von elisenoyez

    I wrote this in the train on my way from Brussels to London

    The best thing about taking a trip is the journey itself. being on the road is like being completely detached from everyday life. No work or school to think about, no responsibilities. All there is are your expectations & whether or not those get fulfilled isn't important while you're still on the road.

    Sitting on the Eurostar train at daybreak, watchingthe towns we pass slowly waking & looking forward to all I'm about to do & see in London is like those moments between sleeping & waking on a lazy Sunday morning, those delicious moments when you're thinking about what you will & what you won't do, knowing that you can stay in bed for another hour or two.

    The journey is actually an incredibly weird experience. I'm excited about visiting London, but on the other hand, I'm as calm as a pond on a soft summer's day. Reading Jack kerouac's "On the Road" for the second time & listening to The