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A Woman A Man Walked By
John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey

A Woman A Man Walked By



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  • slazem se stobom! al PJ je luda,u pozitivnom smislu, podcijenjij je;)! progresivno i odvaljeno! i zahtjevno! veoma dobro! samo uzivaj!:)
  • Greeeeaaat (from a no regular PJ listener). I would tag it as avant-garde, and I think that little girl PJ would be scared of it. ;)
  • this album is fucked up and i LOVE it.
  • This album is INSANE. Polly Jean Harvey is a goddess.
  • such a crispy bubble sound
  • i love this album. Pig will not and a woman a man, are such strange song, they push expectations and perceptions and bring me back to listen again and again.
  • I think it's really good. Just because you find it hard to listen to doesn't make it bad. Obviously Dance Hall is more cohesive, but I think album is far experimental, and I like that.
  • Better than Dance Hall in my opinion!!
  • What happened to them? Maybe they are extending their musical repertoire or their field of imagination, but I did not like a single tune of this album. It was hard to enjoy anything here. I liked these artists for a very long time now, but this is a weak performance for both of them. I am sorry for offending people who like this album...Please no polemic replies, it's just my opinion.
  • As a whole I don't like the album, there isn't much cohesion. However, there are two or three tracks that do stand out as quality tracks - Black Hearted Love, Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen and Cracks In The Canvas. I personally prefer Dance Hall At Louse Point over this, however, this is not to say that A Woman A Man Walked By is terrible.

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