• Knowing Me, Knowing You

    10. Mär. 2008, 11:57 von Rissan

    A concert Of Joe Jackson is always like a first introduction. Although you know eachother for years, at the start there's always an uncomfortable first five minutes, in his case a first uncomfortable song.

    This time the first song of the set turned out to be Stepping Out. The sound wasn't okay, the vocals were sung as if Joe was taking a shower, but the audience loved it already. After this Joe relaxed, started to talk, made funny faces, laughted and was interacting with the people.

    With a new album out it was obvious that Joe, accompanied again by Graham Maby and Dave Houghton, would play a lot of the album. The audience wasn't disappointed with a setlist that included eight of the ten tracks. Although there were people in the audience unaware that he had released a new album recently.

    For me it was a bit disappointed that opener "Invisible Man" wasn't played, although I could understand it, since the track was on the setlist in the 2006 and 2007 tour.