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  • Ohh, that voice! Tell me he's done more than ATS. Love this cover.
  • loved this scene in the movie
  • One of my all time favorite covers.
  • it really does top the original.. this whole soundtrack has some of the best covers in existence
  • best cover of this song and what a turn on that voice <3
  • I`m agree.
  • Not as good as the first times I herd this.... I really , really liked it during the film
  • There are certain parts of this where I think he tops Lennon's performance. Blasphemy, I know.
  • Max is hot and I love this cover too!
  • <3
  • great film.....great song
  • joe anderson is the reason i saw the Crazies--and it was actually a pretty good flick! go joe!
  • great movie, love the song!
  • Good Cover
  • he sings this song reaaaallly well :] i. love. it.
  • amazing. he's voice is just wow. i love this version, though nothing can touch the original.
  • I absolutely love this.
  • I adore this...
  • gorgeous.
  • this is brilliant
  • Love his voice on this.
  • How do i listen to the song on here
  • nothing can touch the original, but this is the cover that i had hoped for. amazing.
  • very well done...great.
  • this is the best version. joe anderson is the best in the movie
  • i'll always have love for the original version but i also think that across the universe was magnificent
  • I love this song[2]
  • Mother Superior jump the gun!
  • he is amazinggggggggg. this song is amazing. ilisfm (:
  • I love this song
  • this is the song!. i love it
  • I like this one as much as the original, if not more. I don't think all the songs are as good at The Beatles, but they're very well a good spin off of them. I love his voice. <3 It's also probably one of the best songs in the movie, though I just can't get over Jim Sturgess' versions and Evan Rachel Wood's covers on "If I Fell." Anndd of course, Let it Be. <3
  • haven't heard this song in a while...
  • I love all the songs from ATU xD some of them are really better than oryginal /no affence for the Beatles coz their versions are classics/
  • Agreed, Halo. It's made its way into my all-time top songs. It's an amazing cover than certainly rivals the original!
  • I like this version better than the original. I could listen to this song all day.
  • love it.
  • Doo dooo do do doo dooo, Ooooh Yeaaah. My fav cover.
  • uhhhhhhhhhh...very-very-very good version.
  • beautiful,oh my god:-))))))))))
  • Sin duda, uno de los mejores momentos!!!!!
  • One of the best of the movie... I love how well it fits into what's happened and Max's personality.. He's has an amazing sound, too.
  • :D :D :D
  • ^^ doo doo doo dooo......
  • I would say one of the best in this wonderful movie. ;)
  • the best in across the universe by far.
  • Great version!
  • I love this song- and I love this VERSION even more!
  • Favorite song in the movie. Wow.


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