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Joan Of Arc entstand 1995 nach der Auflösung der Vorgängerband Cap'n Jazz. Sänger Tim Kinsella war über die Jahre das einzige permanente Gruppenmitglied, arbeitete aber auch regelmäßig als Solokünstler. Joan Of Arc ist bekannt für den Einsatz von Electronics, Samples und Multi-Trackings. Einige Songs auf dem Album The Gap beinhalten über 100 Tracks.

Die Texte und Cover Arts von Joan Of Arc sind oft absichtlich…

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  • "highly conceptual"
  • yeah, i was at the release for owls' new album, and the whole show had a weird vibe. pretty much what kmanthie said.
  • 1337
  • seriously? i personally found Tim to be really nice. i even asked him to play a song very directly when he asked if anyone had any questions... and there were hardly any people at the show... but he was so nice and played it. so i really have no idea how he would be snobbish. i'm pretty sure that he might have criticized Pitchfork or someone that works there, but that's okay. gotta be honest. it's a bit sad that they don't get as much exposure as they deserve because of that though :/
  • to Blvd_Nights: You're probably right about Tim Kinsella being a "douche to some people..." - I saw Joan of Arc in May of 2011 at this little club in San Diego (after they'd released LIFE LIKE) and the lineup was a sparse one-Tim on vocals & guitar, Victor Villarreal on guitar; Bobby Burg on bass and Theo Katsaouris on drums. The show was EXCELLENT!! but Tim came off (as in, between-song banter/audience interaction) as pretty snarky and almost snobbish. Oh well. I'm still a huge JOA (and Tim & sometimes Mike's side bands). You know who's really a nice guy? Victor. He & I got to be friends via Facebook and he seems like a down-to-earth, modest and genuinely nice guy!
  • @piotrovitz I think Tim was probably a douche to some people at Pitchfork back in the day and it's not like he's the most likable person in the world. He's pretty out spoken which leads to Tim rubbing some people the wrong way. He seemed nice when I met him this past February but he didn't have very nice things to say about his brother but I bought Guitar Duets on CD from him and we talked about bringing his Mom on tour with him. Joan of Arc is really all over the place musically but I love everything they do.
  • Session with Owen:
  • for some unknown reasons they're hated by pitchfork, which I guess is the reason why they never got big
  • @hurricanejoe you think so? i found it very easy to get into them. the lyrics played a major part. and the vocals of course. it's just that if i ever recommend them to anyone they say they don't feel anything when they listen to them, how boring they are. it really puzzles me.

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