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Jethro Tull (kurz: Tull) ist eine 1967 gegründete Rockband aus dem Vereinigten Königreich. Ständiges Mitglied und Bandleader ist der Komponist, Multi-Instrumentalist und Sänger Ian Anderson (Gesang, Querflöte, Saxophon, Tin Whistle, Mundharmonika, akustische Gitarre, Mandoline und andere).

Jethro Tull gehört neben Focus zu den wenigen international erfolgreichen Rockbands, in deren Musik die Querflöte eine tragende, der…

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  • I owe my love of Tull to my Dad, they're his favorite band [3]
  • No doubt, A Passion Play *is* a masterpiece. I prefer it to Brick myself. Agreed that Minstrel is great, too; lacks dynamics compared to the great albums before and the Wood/Horses/Storm trilogy - don't know how they got such a diversified band sounding as flat, relatively speaking, as they do on Minstrel - but the songs still kick ass.
  • A Passion Play is amazing, indeed, and almost as good as Thick As A Brick, in my opinion. I've also been digging Minstrel In The Gallery a lot recently. Truly a brilliant effort and very underrated.
  • Aqualung is so good.
  • All albums are excellent completed, not counting 1987-1991. Worth to pay attention to "Stormwatch" & "A Passion Play", because they were subjected unfounded critique . P.S."A Passion Play" masterpiece. Of Course,it's only my impression.
  • I owe my love of Tull to my Dad, they're his favorite band [2]
  • Cross-Eyed Mary
  • \m/
  • I owe my love of Tull to my Dad, they're his favorite band. They're also my Uncle's (my Dad's older brother) favorite. My Dad even wanted to name me "Ian" after Mr. Anderson. I agree with the comments below, all the albums up to "Stormwatch" are masterpieces.
  • I'm probably the biggest Jethro Tull fanboy you can find -- yet I've been lately warming up to Under Wraps (1984) - the synth and synth drum sounds are awful even by 1984 standars, but the songs are standard Anderson and the production is a good fit for a theme album about the Cold War. Compared to Rock Island onwards it is a masterpiece - no songs about being a dirty old man and having erection problems...

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