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Jethro Tull (kurz: Tull) ist eine 1967 gegründete Rockband aus dem Vereinigten Königreich. Ständiges Mitglied und Bandleader ist der Komponist, Multi-Instrumentalist und Sänger Ian Anderson (Gesang, Querflöte, Saxophon, Tin Whistle, Mundharmonika, akustische Gitarre, Mandoline und andere).

Jethro Tull gehört neben Focus zu den wenigen international erfolgreichen Rockbands, in deren Musik die Querflöte eine tragende, der E-Gitarre vergleichbare Rolle einnimmt. Aufgrund perfektionierter Techniken des forcierten Ausdrucks (etwa scharfes Anblasen, Zungenflattern, gleichzeitiger Stimmeinsatz) ist dennoch die Zuordnung zur Rockmusik – phasenweise sogar zum… mehr erfahren



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  • Avatar für kekera24
    Love Jethro tull ,big respect from Croatia,songs from the wood is my fav album <3
  • Avatar für TheUselessGolem
    And now Crest of a Knave is hooking me. It sounds and feels like nothing else in their (or even Dire Straits') catalogue.
  • Avatar für TheUselessGolem
    Ericaterpstra - reading up in the deluxe Passion Play set I just bought, it turns out Ian never for a second considered breaking up. Announcing the band's plans to quit (only from touring, actually) was a kind of strange marketing ploy by their manager, done behind Ian's back.
  • Avatar für TheUselessGolem
    Also, Ian's Walk into Light and Tull's Under Wraps are amazing albums. Don't let the synths scare you.
  • Avatar für TheUselessGolem
    Ian was definitely disappointed and discouraged, but it was a rather different "almost break up" from what that phrase might suggest today, seeing as within a year they had *another* double album's worth of material ready to go, with only ten or so minutes taken from their *last* double album recording sessions the year before. Whatever doubts may have been entertained, the boys clearly didn't let them hang around long. (And we're all the luckier for it, eh?)
  • Avatar für Ericaterpstra43
    Didn't they almost break up after A Passion Play in response to all the negative reviews?
  • Avatar für pteronophobic
    A Passion Play is probably just as good as Thick As A Brick, IMO. Of course I've listned to TAAB a lot more so I'd probably prefer to listen to APP because it sounds a lot more 'fresh.'
  • Avatar für Aries494
    Songs From the Wood is underrated
  • Avatar für Ericaterpstra43
    Thick as a Brick will always be my favorite album. 'the Jethro Tull Christmas Album' is really good btw.
  • Avatar für AngeloHue
    Eu viajo nessa flautinha, pqp!

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