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  • Avatar für Cassandra-Leo
    I hope Jello Biafra continues this band for years. [2] Don't agree with this being better than the Kennedys, but he sounds possibly more invigorated on this work than he's sounded for decades, especially on Enhanced Methods of Questioning, and the Guantanamo School of Medicine may very well be the tightest ensemble he's played with since Nomeansno. They certainly give Melvins a run for their money in that department, anyway.
  • Avatar für Filthgrinder__
    @blindskate: Nope. [2]
  • Avatar für GodofDeathMetal
    I hope Jello Biafra continues this band for years.
  • Avatar für GodofDeathMetal
    Jello sounds superb with this new band of his! I'm digging this more than Dead Kennedys!
  • Avatar für Albent
    it took you this long to notice? [2] Plus, who cares?
  • Avatar für xsykox1996x
    Just saw them.
  • Avatar für disconurse
    YEAH JELLO!!!!!
  • Avatar für Dusk2099
    it took you this long to notice?
  • Avatar für HoxtonTom
    Jello got fat
  • Avatar für JeremyAce4
  • Avatar für midstrifecrisis
    still haven't heard a bad song from jello the guys got soul hope he works till his 100dred
  • Avatar für songfactslastfm
    "I just like the shock value. I've always been about the value of shock value." - Anyone who thinks that old age may have dulled former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra's rage and fury are in for a rude awakening when they give a listen to the latest release by his band the Guantanamo School of Medicine, White People and the Damage Done. Biafra talks about the "savage" new album, and his favorite songwriters who inspired it. The founder of Alternative Tentacles also tells us the stories behind such Dead Kennedys classics as "Holiday in Cambodia" and "California Über Alles," and explains why he does not plan on reuniting with his former bandmates any time soon: http://www.songfacts.com/blog/interviews/jello_biafra/
  • Avatar für Old_Punka
    Fantastic set at Rebellion 2013!
  • Avatar für NefandusDeus
    The new album is surprisingly excellent.
  • Avatar für mydesperateicon
    Jello ♥
  • Avatar für veludinho
    Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine – White People And The Damage Done (2013) http://geracao666.blogspot.com/2013/04/white-people-and-damage-done-2013.html
  • Avatar für Soundservant
    @blindskate: Nope.
  • Avatar für Konkelo-
    New album is FURIOUS! It really surprised me. Especially the A-side of the vinyl is blasting really hard. Much more hardcore oriented stuff than the previous album and the songs aren't too long anymore.
  • Avatar für blindskate
    Jello stopped being relevant and worth listening to long ago. Now he's just trying to make back some of the money he lost by having to pay the rest of the DK's what he owed them in the first place. Look it up and you'll see a rather pathetic story of an asshole that ripped off his friends for years then played the sympathy card when they finally sued him for back pay.
  • Avatar für nyuudo
    We need a Silver Bullet NOW!! http://snd.sc/Yhfc7N
  • Avatar für nunogcm86
    http://jumblephotography.blogspot.pt/2012/10/jello-biafra-guantanamo-school-of.html -> photos from the gig in Portugal. Cheers!
  • Avatar für GrimAxeman
    Check out Shock-you-py! http://jellobiafra.bandcamp.com/album/shock-you-py-early-download
  • Avatar für Dandy-Jon
  • Avatar für Vergiss
    Electronic Plantatioooooon
  • Avatar für veludinho
    Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine – Enhanced Methods Of Questioning (2011) http://geracao666.blogspot.com/2011/09/enhanced-methods-of-questioning-2011.html
  • Avatar für phoenixsinger93
    Fuck, this needs more listeners.
  • Avatar für hookbags
  • Avatar für xenobiotics
    Thanks for a great concert in Belgium yesterday i!!
  • Avatar für Nagsworth
  • Avatar für silentduuuude
    No problem! I had the same problem as I really wanted to see DK live. It´s really nice that Jello still plays those hits live even if he isn´t a member of DK anymore. During the gig I actually thought that they were just a nice add to the mix and their own material is also really good in my opinion. Definitely gonna see them again if I get a chance.
  • Avatar für BillyBongOn
    Cheers for the reply silentduuuuude, I might have to check them out, I pretty much gave up on ever seeing DK's live!
  • Avatar für silentduuuude
    Yeah,they do. I saw them on Tuesday here in Finland. It was a great gig by the way! The DK songs they played were California über alles,Too drunk to fuck,Holiday in cambodia and Police truck.
  • Avatar für BillyBongOn
    Do they play any DK stuff during there shows?
  • Avatar für lagaps
    I saw them in Lille yestertday !!! excellent show !! Jello rocks , the drummer signed me the setlist, very nice guy !! excellent musicians who play great music and make us think ... thank you !!
  • Avatar für Samhain138
    Best release of 2011 so far.
  • Avatar für Konkelo-
    Great new EP!
  • Avatar für evilxdead
    Probably the most accurate similar artists for anything on last.fm.
  • Avatar für Capitan_Impallo
    Jello we love you!
  • Avatar für thoushall
    Jello for President! [2]
  • Avatar für srcorb
    Jello for President!
  • Avatar für Hombrecaja
    Biafra, ¡sos groso!
  • Avatar für Myself_Aukerman
    Amazing show!
  • Avatar für HENRYxOxRAMA
    They played here in Brazil yesterday. Amazing!
  • Avatar für Albent
    Biafra gives a good show!
  • Avatar für BulmaPunkRocker
    And Chile??? If they are going to tour on Southamerica, they MUST come to Chile!!! C'mon Jello!!
  • Avatar für ska4me
    What's not to like? It's catchy as hell, and the musicianship is excellent. Jello fucking rocks...
  • Avatar für krossa5
    it is a good album, fuck the haters (2)
  • Avatar für AndrewRoseInnit
    Saw them last saturday at rock en seine, Jello still has it, the new songs were played with raw energy and the DK stuff (Too Drunk to Fuck, Lets Lynch the Landlord, California Uber Alles & Holiday in Cambodia) seemed as relevant as ever. Fuck Sarkozy There is ALWAYS room for Jello.
  • Avatar für Tristriam1
    This will probably be the closest I'll get to seeing DK live, so what the hell.
  • Avatar für PMSingGremlin
    album's okay; though completely predictable and stagnant. It's pretty hilarious how old some of these songs are and how little ground he breaks with his work, considering how he continually gives other bands shit for doing the same exact thing


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