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    10. Mär. 2010, 5:21 von Manistro

  • some reflections on the now 10 Y.O. klassik, "The Velvet Rope" (released 10/7/97)

    8. Okt. 2007, 20:16 von TheJanStan


    I'll be honest: 1997's The Velvet Rope is absolutely my least favorite post-Control Janet Jackson album. For most folx I've encountered - especially amongst the Janet Jackson fan base - this is a controversial statement, because TVR is consistently cited as fans' favorite Janet album.

    To be clear, I don't dislike this project in the least. After all, my DNA is embedded with 99% of Janet's musical catalog. No, TVR pales in comparison to say... her magnum opus Rhythm Nation 1814 because TVR, for me, is JJ's most uneven, inconsistent LP since her sophomore effort, 1984's Dream Street.

    As a longtime fan, I've noticed that Janet seems to make better music when she's happy. Specifically, I prefer Janet's music when she's in a "happy" space in her life.

    Unlike some artists who demonstrate a creative peak with their respective art during times of emotional lows, Janet's best work is borne when she's focused and happy. …
  • A Challenge to Janet Fans!

    23. Mai. 2007, 0:36 von wg5516

    *NOTE, I did not write this, but I wanted to share this with my Janfam on last.fm. Enjoy!

    Hey guys, my birthday is today and to have my alone time last night I put on a DVD a friend made me of the RN tour from Tokyo. I've seen the RN tour bootleg, but never this and boy was it neat to watch so many control and RN songs in full! And wow, talk about 80's/90's pop dancing! Haha, miss those days!

    The best part of it all remained to be my reaction. I still got chills, I cried, I shook, I acted like a little girl seeing some boy band for the first time, haha. I discovered Janet on my own 14 years ago, fed my interest on my own (with the help of boards and mailing lists through the years) and still have yet to have anyone in my life on a routine basis as huge of a fan as I am. She's always been my personal therapist, escape, hobby, and love - something very personal and for myself.

    In the past 7 years she's been through so much. Divorce, controversy, diminished sales, weight issues, press issues, scandals, etc. …