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  • They don't write songs like this one any more. (2)
  • Bons conselhos.
  • Love Jack Jones..what ever happened to him??
  • Wives and Lovers
  • They don't make them how they used to! And thank god for that.
  • They don't write songs like this one any more.
  • I'm with you mulberryhouse1. This is mild to some of the trash songs today.
  • Catchy...
  • Why don't we just accept and enjoy the song for what it is- a song very much of its time. And still very relevant today ;)
  • Why doesn't anyone let us know if he is still performing. I sure the hell knows where he lives in cali.
  • I wonder does he perform it today (if he is still performing, of course) with the same lyrics? Though some of the lines about "Curlers" were a bit dreary anyway, without the sexist overtones.
  • O_o guess i have to put some make-up on.... ^^
  • not the original!! not the version that would make a hit record. No longer politically correct for dang sure
  • my ringtone xD
  • Bought mostly by females I would think. It's only a song not an opinion of mans view of the opposite sex. Who listens to the words anyway?
  • "he's almost here...."
  • Very catchy...
  • Jack, what happened to the quality of your voice? Shows what can happen between now and 1964
  • Get over yourselves. It's a song written in a different time. Most of us have moved on and laugh at the silly words. (A SONG)
  • Everytime any version of this song comes on, I can't help but click over to have a chuckle at all the comments.
  • oh, gawd.
  • misogynistic idiot.
  • Yep. Offensive and very old-fashioned lyrics. But I can not get angry with him because of that voice...
  • bunch of pc pussies
  • Good ole fashioned sexism. Sounds pretty though.
  • EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, bet he had erectile dysfunction
  • what a disguising song. sounds great but is anyone actually listening to what this guy is saying?
  • Beautiful music. Wish I had more time listen.
  • misogyny
  • Loved it then, love it now....time to get ready
  • Jack Jones a singer with class.
  • What a voice! A real trouper.
  • This song is entirely AWESOME
  • This song is ENTIRELY sexist. What garbage.
  • Certainly belongs in a lyrical genre of it's own.
  • Probably his best.
  • aaaa..
  • Deliciously offensive - haha. True dat, but a sign of the times and yes, very cool!
  • So deliciously offensive. I can't help but love it.
  • pure class, one of the best singers!
  • The voice for all the seasons of my life
  • This song was great when it came out...and has finally become cool again as a brilliant retro sound. Thanx, Jack and Burt and Hal.
  • Damn... I remember this song when i was just a young kid of no more then 6 or 7... I liked it then... and now... I LOVE IT!!! I have listen to this song so many times... now if I can only convince TODAYS WOMAN... how nice the song is.... and how meaningful the words are! Listen up ladies....
  • GOOD SONG !!!
  • Just love this.....if only this would keep a man faithful, now that would be a dream come true. Sunday Sounds 10am - 1pm PST
  • This song is cool. Valley of the dolls!
  • this is hoooottttt!!!!
  • smooth ♬♪♬♬♪♬♬♪♬


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