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“J.Reyez” was born in South Korea but was raised in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Growing up, J.Reyez listened to rap/hiphop artists such as 2Pac, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Biggie, among other great lyricists. It wasn't just the artists that attracted his ear, it was more of how the songs were put together; engineering and production wise and as well as the lyrics that were being spoken in the track(s). Growing up in Hamilton, life wasn’t easy for J.Reyez but he kept his hopes high and worked his way through, doing what he had to do. Why the name? J.Reyez is pronounced J.Rise. The J stands for the initial of his first name and the Reyez (Rise) stands for his fast elevation since stepping in to the music game getting people looking and watching his every move, getting better and better song after song, hit after hit.

Since the separation of his parents in 2006, J.Reyez and his family struggled to make ends meet financially and he has taken it upon himself to help out anyway he can from helping out with the bills to helping put food on the table. Growing up, J.Reyez had a background of doing things a lot of people consider to be wrong and in the summer of 2006, he ran into some trouble with the law, making it hard for him to live the normal life he wishes upon himself day in day out. After pleading guilty to his charge, he was released and now has dedicated his life to the one thing that helped him deal with his emotions and escape from the troubled life he has lived, MUSIC. "They hate because I'm doin' better than them or they hop on and support the movement in what I'm doing for the asian community…"- J.Reyez

J.Reyez is now working on his official album titled “What Eye Define” which will include self-produced songs aswell as talented GTA producers helping on the project such as Blocktrade Productions, Nick Knox (The Offense), The Architek, Jinx Beatz and many more. The album will also have feature appearances by Set2, Chuckie A, Chris Jackson, Benny Blacc, Christopher Charles, C.Leon and more. Since stepping into the mainstream market in the summer of 2007, he has quickly rose to the top of his game and has given the title as one of the top and most talked about asian artists in the Greater Toronto Area with a fan-base stretching as far as the United States, Europe & Asia. He has produced three promo videos and produced some of the hottest tracks to hit the streets and albums/mixtapes. He has already had radio play on 4 different radio stations across Ontario and is hoping to get his music out there by any means. J.Reyez has also been sponsored and affiliated with Toronto-based clothing line, Tragic Glory Clothing which is a big movement to be a part of including the positive outlook on what the clothing line is aiming to accomplish. He has performed all around local spots in Hamilton and has already started performing outside of his city. Aside from his lyrical talents, J.Reyez also produces beats, music videos and graphics productions for musicians, labels, and businesses. He has proven himself to be a multi-talented musician & business man.

“This kid has more talents than meets the eyes and ears. He is going to be a threat to a lot of artists trying to come up in the Canadian entertainment scene. He is definitely going to make something of himself, with the right people and opportunities, J-Reyez will be climbing up the success ladder faster that most artists who has been at it for years will. He is a 17 year old Korean artist that grew up struggling through most of his life and has turned his tragic past in a glorious future." – Kofi Asare

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