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  • Thank you Dilla. [8]
  • best on the album
  • Thank you Dilla. [6]
  • instant tears [3]
  • Yea
  • Thank you Dilla. [5]
  • sam
  • Thank you Dilla. [3]
  • greatest sampled instrumental of all time?
  • Thank you Dilla. [3]
  • stinging eyes.
  • One of his best.
  • chills [2]
  • Too good
  • chills
  • i want this song played at my funeral [2]
  • Last Donut of the Night... but not the last play of this song!
  • Beautiful
  • Thank you Dilla. [2]
  • Thank you Dilla.
  • All I give to you, I give to you.
  • SO DEEP!!!
  • Классная песня!!!
  • Ladies and gentlemen.
  • Remarkable :')
  • Listened to this track almost 70 times now... I'm torn between banning it because I'm bored of the tune or listening to it again just because its amazing.
  • I want this song played at my funeral. [2]
  • Instant tears.
  • J Dilla, te quiero.
  • This maybe my favorite song ever
  • Why must it always be awesome people that die.... by the sounds of things kanye west will live to 120... what a masterpiece this song is.
  • Having this and Bye back2back always makes it seem as if Dilla knew his time was coming and wanted to bless the world with a final masterpiece.
  • what a hook
  • I love that he used The moments's, "to you with love". One of my all time soul favorites...RIP dilla
  • a gift truely
  • If I could stand somewhere and watch the world come to an end in a fiery explosion before me, I'd play this track and die a happy man. Perfect.
  • Best donut of the night. [2]
  • rest in beats....
  • looo-oooop
  • Dilla, thanks for everyhing. (2)
  • on repeat.
  • Best donut of the night.
  • gets better over time
  • You can never get enough of Donuts. This track, Don't Cry, and U Love, were my joints.
  • This and Bye. always make me sad.
  • i give to youuu
  • oh jesus how gorgeous
  • Looped forever..


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