• And some more

    16. Nov. 2008, 1:01 von Kapitankraut

    1. Vision Divine - "Through the Eyes of God"
    Some Italian power/prog metal. Nicely melodic, but it feels unfocused somehow. Solid, but not enough there.

    2. Isabel Guzman - "All In Your Head"
    A spot of Swedish dance-pop now. It's vaguely catchy, but this really isn't a good track at all. Skip on it.

    3. Warning - "Tubale (Extasy)"
    This would be the dance band of the same name, with a sort of afro-pop sound to the whole thing. I like my afro-pop, but I prefer it done by real instruments.

    4. Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band - "Along Came Betty"
    This is a very intriguing Latin-jazz sounding track. The main trumpet melody is quite conventional, but there's a lot of percussion underneath which makes it sound very unusual indeed. All in all, an interesting little listen.

    5. Patricia Barber - "Persephone"
    Female jazz singing here, and done quite well. She does seem to be lacking something here, but I can't work out what it would be.
  • Like Electro-pop Music? Give Doe Deere a try!

    14. Mai. 2008, 18:34 von dannyboy77

    I recently discovered a singer called Doe Deere, she lives in the US but is Russian. I discovered her myspace by chance as a blog-site had compared her to Swedish singer Isabel Guzman (who I like too!). Anyway I went to Doe's Myspace and was blown away by the songs. Isabel Guzman is a good example of the music that Doe does (its Electro-pop with a disco/funky edge) and its fun!

    Its hard to describe how Doe sounds IMHO she is a cross between Isabel Guzman, Annie & Sophie Ellis-Bextor (if Sophie was produced by BWO or The Knife). Its worth adding that Doe is writer & producer as well as singer.

    You can listen to her songs at www.myspace.com/doedeere and you can watch her video for 'SF Disco' here on last.fm or on youtube.

    If you like upbeat,catchy,fun,electro-pop give Doe a chance! Also feel free to join my group for Doe's fans here...



    Isabel Guzman
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor