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Somewhere In Time
Iron Maiden

Somewhere In Time


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  • I just cannot stop listening this album. \m/
  • Hi there, just popping in for my yearly "this is the greatest album of all time and nothing will ever top it". Have a good day.
  • MasterFuckingPiece
  • Overlooked considering the albums that came before and after.
  • This album is never getting old.
  • A Flawless Album!!!
  • A underrated classic.
  • This is the album that got me into Maiden.
  • Somewhere In Time+Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son+Number of The Beast : My fav Maiden albums
  • Good, but Powerslave and SSoaSS is so much better, this feels like a middle album in comparision
  • The most wronged album! Masterpiece! One of the three best albums of Iron Maiden.
  • Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son are the best Maiden albums... [2]
  • one of the best influential metal bands ever :D
  • The best
  • Melodías únicas y ricas, los solos más pegadizos, temática y letras increíbles y sobresalientes, excelente trabajo vocal; una bocanada de aire fresco para La Doncella (esos sintetizadores... wow). Eso sin mencionar que tiene la mejor portada que jamás he visto en un CD y que despierta tu imaginación en cuanto la ves... sin lugar a dudas su mejor álbum, y uno de los mejores de los espectaculares años ochentas.
  • One of the very best metal albums of all time, and probably the band's best!
  • No other Maiden album includes so many overseen songs as this album does, which imo makes it their most underrated album! Every song is absolutely killer here! My fave Maiden album for quite some years now.
  • This one has the best melodies, guitarwork is just awesome. I mean, just listen to the solos of "cought somewhere in time" or "the loneliness of the long distance runner"
  • For me, this is easily their best album of the 1980's.
  • The sound of this album is fucking incredible.
  • Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son are the best Maiden albuns...
  • 27 years... ♥♥♥
  • second best album of iron maiden
  • Wasted Years is the best track in this album
  • adrian.smith.period.
  • simply the best metal album ever recorded.
  • my favorite
  • masterpiece....
  • Under rated
  • This and Seventh Son...
  • Masterpiece! The atmosphere is amazing.
  • Iron Maiden's finest moment... Mandatory album for every metal fan.
  • This and 'Brave New World' are for me Maidens best albums, love that spacey incredible sound throughout the album, Definitely separates it from the other maiden albums
  • Along with Seventh Son, the best Maiden album.
  • Iron Maiden's best album, no doubt! [23] // Caught somewheeeeere in tiiiiiiiiiimeee! RULES!
  • Perfect! 10/10
  • Take my hand I'll lead you to the promised land. Take my hand I'll gave you imortaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaality ♫♫♫
  • This albun is perfect, i don't see/listen nothing wrong. They did a very good job in this albun, They shows who are the kings of the METAL !
  • yea, best maiden album ever, then 'the x factor'
  • Iron Maiden's best album, no doubt! [22]
  • best album ever!
  • Absolutely Maiden's best album, perhaps even the best metal album of all time!
  • Iron Maiden's best album, no doubt! [21]
  • One of the best metal albums of all time. EPIC EPIC EPIC
  • Iron Maiden's best album 10/10 my fav album:)
  • Iron Maiden's best album, no doubt! [18] "Сaught Somewhere In Time", "Wasted Years" and "Loneliness..." are excellent.


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