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  • One of the few truly influential musical acts of my life. Albums as art form, personal inspiration as ingrained in their songs as the amazing sounds themselves. Thank you.
  • so when we finished the construction crew placed a sign on the buildin' i must paraphrase ~"hopefully the fruits of our labor will remain music to your ears"
  • girls , where is the "atlanta youth symphony hall . > that need a face-lift" truely James Michael Simon UNited States Sub. Service ps 'gators gotta eat also #%*(@
  • love them
  • they're my favorite band in the world. i've loved them since i was 11 or 12 and their music remains extremely important. they're two of the greatest vocalists i've ever heard. amy is my favorite songwriter, and emily is a genius with any instrument she picks up. and they're such genuine and kind people. they're just the best.
  • Their maturity makes huge difference.
  • Nomads Indians Saints is such a fantastic album
  • Love these ladies, got to see them perform a few songs last night. Hope to do it again some day. They Rock, and the new album has some pretty awesome songs.
  • Mods: will someone please remove DaiglesBagel's offensive comment from this page? It's really disgusting.
  • they're the best :)
  • really love the new cd!
  • Indigo Girls "Making Promises" is featured on Indie/Rock Playlist: November (2011) download here: theindierockplaylistdotcom
  • Saw them at LEAF last year, the biggest trucker lesbo was in front of me and they weren't that great so i ended up wading through an ocean of gays with dirty foreskins back to my tent.
  • i just added a new picture, guys. do you like it?
  • I really love power of love, no matters what
  • Indigo Girls did a wonderful job of engaging the crowd at the Seattle Zoo yesterday! Also, I want to see more of Lyrin (sp?) and her spectacular violin capabilities!!!! Land of Canaan feat her on violin was my favorite version of the song EVER. I would love to own a copy of that one :-)
  • v v
  • Check out my series of fave song/album/etc in my journal. I spent a lot of time honing down the list.
  • айда в рашку девченки)
  • понравилось...
  • My all time favorite band. I grew up listening to them, and plan to share them with my children...
  • how long til my soul gets it riiigghtt? can any humann being ever reach that kind of lightt?? i call on the resting soul of galileo, king of night vision, king of insight.
  • Come along and join the group [url=]Female Singer-songwriter of the week[/url]. Nominate your five favourites each week and see who gets into the Hall of Fame.
  • I just made a list of my 20 favourite songs by the Indigo Girls. Comment if you like :)
  • Check out amy ray at amoeba music, she gives an interview and also performs.
  • I can't stop listening Pendulum Swinger. I'm so addicted to the song!
  • Ghost is one of the most brilliantly written songs I've ever heard.
  • ghost is one of the worst songs i've ever heard, but its bookended by two of my favorites
  • the new album is beautiful! I love that they decided to make another live album =)
  • 0_0
  • hahaha
  • I really need to accept the fact that they are not my allies, don't I? Have fun at Michfest, jerks.
  • check this wonderful artist
  • Wish they'd tour the east coast, I'd love to see them. I've only seen Amy solo, once.
  • Av a listen to Unsigned home grown quirky goodness....!!! Recently uploaded and new to
  • I can't WAIT for your concert in Tacoma, WA tonight!
  • I never tire of listening to them
  • the best
  • I recently saw the Indigo Girls at the 30A songwriters festival in Florida and Amy sang a song about her father, and about being Native American Indian, I need to know what the name of this song is, PLEASE HELP!
  • check this out -->
  • And best of all they sound Beautiful..
  • they look beautiful, they are beautiful, inside and out.
  • they look like drag queens
  • Love+Peace
  • Gig on Sun in London was just AMAZING! Ladies u ROCK!
  • The gig on Sunday in Bristol was amazing. I would see them live again in a heartbeat.
  • Just saw Amy opening for Brandi Carlile... soooo awesome.
  • I'm seeing them for the first time live on October 18 in Bristol. Sooooooo looking forward to it.


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