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  • Maybe their finest sound.
  • Everyone who really loves this song MUST listen to Silverchair's "Diorama".
  • mmmhh...
  • This song is always so dangerous...
  • i am drunk and alone. i listen to all my old former favourite songs and i'd love to talk to somebody right now.but actually there's no one. i feel like an alien. ohh lord. i love that part when brandons voice goes all wicked.."if only the lights would dim a little"..
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
  • One of their best!
  • Breathtaking.
  • Amazing, amazing.
  • I love this song!
  • Finally a good song after the bunch of songs on the crow on the album that really dont need to be there.
  • Amazing song
  • The instrumental version from Look Alive is beyond gorgeous.
  • The only incubus song I really like. "pink tractorbeam into your incision" 0_o
  • I can't wait to meet a girl who likes this song as much as I do... Imagine the chemistry! :O
  • perfectly good song about sex (i guess), but still romantic, looooove it <3
  • how could I didn't like it before!
  • one of the most romantic songs ever...a masterpiece...
  • yes this is it
  • monumental piece of music
  • sigh....
  • amazing song.
  • very faith no more... which i like.
  • bonerific.
  • Great voice!
  • amazing
  • very awesome
  • this should be everyone's favorite song. I've fallen asleep to it on repeat so many times and, yet, it never gets old. has anyone checked out the instrumental version? just as hauntingly beautiful.
  • This track is fuckin' magical!
  • The dude can sing. Like 'em
  • No matter what,this songs instrumental reminds me of The Beatles 'White Album' phase. The piano,the drum beat,the random brass note in the recorded version. I love how much Incubus is influenced by other bands,whenever I hear this song,I hear so much Beatles influence,its awesome.
  • I have so many deep intimate memories attached to this song and Summer 2004. This IS my most favorite Incubus song, and one of my favs of all time.
  • My favorite song of Incubus!
  • "Dieses Video enthält Content von Sony Music Entertainment. Es ist in deinem Land nicht mehr verfügbar." Alternativer link zu Youtube: Incubus Here in my room At red ROCKS
  • Intro sounds like "All Those Yesterdays" by Pearl Jam (one of Incubus' favourite band iirc).
  • gran cancion
  • "Your love is a verb here in my room", such a wonderful line! This whole album was fantastic.
  • Mmmm.... so yummy.
  • best on the album for sure
  • perfect!!! AWESOME!
  • Reminds me of I'm Gonna Crawl by Led Zeppelin.
  • Back to the studio version... =)
  • best song (recorded v. of course) by incubus imo
  • hmm wish this was the album version. but great song <3
  • The best song on this album. I love it <3
  • One of the greatest song of this band. I fly everytime :)
  • mephist_o..- great idea -
  • this is just perfect.
  • great song
  • perfect song to have sex to:)


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