• Immanu El @ A parish house

    26. Apr. 2008, 1:18 von esc4p1st

    Tonight, Immanu El played their third concert in Gothenburg this year. I was really hesitant about going, considering it took place at a youth event at a parish house in a suburb at the other side of the city. I'm really glad I went though, taking the opportunity to introduce another friend of mine to their music (actually without even having disclosed the name of the band beforehand). Their two previous concerts were a similar event at Saronkyrkan and a club show at Sticky Fingers, respectively. The former was special, an intimate, semi-acoustic performance, and the latter was really intense, but this was easily the best of the three, the band performing with a full line-up, playing a full set, and having plenty of space to stack instruments and move around.

    The ecclesiastical venue suited them well, because although I'm not the slightest bit religious, celestial music such as theirs should rather be experienced in the Lord's presence than in the Devil's. …