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  • I admit.... I'm pretty "liberal." But..... I love you..... :)
  • nosebleed!
  • "kid catastrophe"
  • JP: Great drummer, or greatest drummer?
  • :3
  • I need more from these boys. Now. I wrote about their loveliness over at
  • coooome to michigan. pleeeease
  • bucks county represent!
  • Practically impossible to buy any of their stuff in the UK. Sort it out lads!
  • sup yall
  • I like what I've heard so far :)
  • of the kid catastrophe releases, 3 and 4 are the best.
  • good band.
  • bucks county represent.
  • they's awesum
  • i love them.
  • Photos and a write-up of their performance at the XPN Xponential Festival at
  • this band is my life.
  • the Adventures of Kid Catastrophe Deluxe is fucking awesome, and only $8 on itunes! everyone cop that shit now!
  • Okay, the most amazing band I've heard since between Austin, TX and sorry ass Seattle, WA music. But feelin it much better since Sunset Tavern. They are fuckin amazing...why noone gets it is beyond me.
  • they're releasing them the first tuesday of every month. deluxe edition out 5.5.09!
  • they are releasing a new ep every three weeks...i cant keep up!
  • let's do some shot cuz you know I caaaan't turn 'em down!!!
  • brick dance.
  • They put on a great live show too
  • love these guys.
  • Brings back memories from The Five Spot... seen these guys live a few times.
  • excellence, these guys rip it up!
  • these guys are great
  • hey can someone please upload revenge of some kid on megaupload or something? thanks
  • rock on guys. can't wait to see you at the fire in december.
  • yay for new hope, pa <3
  • man, that picture is really blurry
  • Does anyone have/is anyone willing to up revenge of some kid? If anyone wants a link to what the hell do i know i've got it.
  • no one mentioned nancy botwin doing brick dance on nosebleed?
  • cant find your music anywheres:(
  • i saw them on nyc and loved their music. Where can i get some songs ? Thanks
  • Get to seattle NOW!
  • how exciting.
  • i love these guys
  • Alone Again <3
  • damn, I really need to get some of their albums. i listen to alone again and headphones nonstop.
  • The Return of Kid Catastrophe LP is supposed to come out on 4/20 (not a Tues?). Chris said there are supposed to be 30 tracks on a CD and a hidden CD(??)
  • Blue Hands is included in Illinois's daytrotter session ( ). Oh Asia is there too. Free, legal, great tracks... imagine that.
  • is there anyway i can get some tracks ? i saw them at nyc but, im from argentina, they where awesome
  • Hip, for sure. These guys are practically my neighbors ; ]. Come back to philly soon? I'm jealous of you Menomena concert goers.
  • where can I get Oh Asia?
  • cheers from conncollege


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