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Ihsahn (* 1975 in Notodden als Vegard Sverre Tveitan) ist ein norwegischer Komponist, Gitarrist, Bassist, Keyboarder und Sänger. Er ist hauptsächlich als Frontmann der Black-Metal-Band Emperor bekannt. Mit seiner Frau Heidi S. Tveitan spielte er bei Peccatum. Im April 2006 erschien sein Solo-Debüt „The Adversary“.


Ihsahn alias Vegard Tveitan wurde 1975 geboren und wuchs auf einer großen Farm in der Telemark auf.…

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  • After is the superior album.
  • I like all his solo albums but this is the best solo album since The Adversary.
  • After remains my fav record since 2010
  • no daziks, nothing close. it sounds like later enslaved mixed with indie rock mixed with orchestral nonsense mixed with down, and ihsahn's typical vocals (and soft cleans). not a fan, at all.
  • Perfect *-*
  • Gênio!
  • It's nothing like Emperor. But it's great, so try it out, maybe you'l like it.
  • I still haven't tried his solo work at all. Does he have anything similar to the early Emperor?
  • All of Ihsahn's albums are worth listening to a lot. I'd have to say AngL is the weakest, though it's an extremely solid album. It's memorable, but it pretty much just sounds like Emperor with some catchy riffs. After, The Adversary, Eremita and Das Seelenbrechen are where it's at.
  • eternal_absence : you can also check angL, it kicks ass too, even though I still prefer After and Eremita. but songs like Scarab or Elevator are masterpieces !

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