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  • Тем, для кого Idlewild - новое, неизведанное имя, посоветовал бы начать знакомство с командой с альбома "The Remote Part". Остальное - на любителя.
  • Хорошие продолжатели дела REM. Лучше многих своих соотечественников.
  • Everything Ever Written growing on me. Several songs now in the current playlist. Make Another World still my favorite but this one is getting close. Awesome to have them back.
  • one of my all-time favourites, can't wait for the new album!
  • If only they'd followed 100 Broken Windows with a better album, they would have been massive. Oh well at least the first 2 albums are corkers and Captain is a cracker too.
  • nice to hear they're still going.
  • New album in February 2015, tour in March :) You can preorder on pledgemusic.
  • first two albums are easily the best
  • american english in MK
  • Серьезно. Никакие.
  • Потратил время на эту пустую и неинтересную чушь
  • Idlewild <33
  • The Band is in recording new material just now.
  • One of the most underrated bands of modern times.
  • great band :)
  • The raw stuff was the best thing about Idlewild, Hope is Important & 100 Broken Windows were cracking albums. [2] I agree with this. I remember when I started listening to Idlewild and people turned their noses up only for the same people to become fans a few albums later. Met the lads in Edinburgh in the early days in the place both our bands practised and got a bit starstruck lol!
  • best song: "these are just years" only on 133, WTF!! most of their b-sides are really better than the album tracks.
  • Good band
  • The raw stuff was the best thing about Idlewild, Hope is Important & 100 Broken Windows were cracking albums.
  • Much better than Oasis.
  • One of the best British bands ever! [2]
  • Idlewild > Oasis
  • "better than oasis" lol
  • "The Remote Part" was their mainstream breakthrough with successful top. 40 singles, must've been 4 or 5 hits off that. Wouldn't know anything about them now though
  • Just looking at their later work (The Remote Part, Warnings/Promises, Post-Electric Blues) they are one of my favourite bands. The only thing that puts me off is their early, raw work, which I'm not a big fan of.
  • Still my joint favourite band, criminally overlooked.
  • adrenaline music!)
  • love them still !!!!
  • One of the best British bands ever! better than Oasis!!
  • Undeservedly overlooked band... By the way, people, who listen to Idlewild generally have a good taste in music. :)
  • Hope Is Important is still the best for me, one of the greatest albums of the 90s, hands down.
  • Hahahaha, it was me who told Matt_White about this band. I found his trolling purely by accident. He's a complete troll who happens to be unable to not speak his mind if he finds music he does not like. On an unrelated note, I fucking love this band and have seen them in their hometown! Travelled all the way from the other end of the country to see them there.
  • Ha! wow.
  • 'matt_white tagged Idlewild with ‘christian rock’.' Opinion. Void.
  • Yep. And on the subject of absolute bullshit claims - it's cool to rep a picture of Jarvis Cocker because he's NOT a pretentious talentless goon. Oh wait...
  • Little Discourage >333
  • Also I noticed, people who listen to Idlewild use to have a very good taste in music :)
  • That being said, I respect 100 Broken Windows but prefer the later stuff...
  • Amazing band, very underrecognized... Which I don't really understand, because imho a lot of their songs have a mass appeal and should've been huge...
  • The Remote Part was an excellent album, and showed off their real literary lyrical skills. 100 Broken Windows was rawer, and great, but Remote Part swings me.
  • ... because the Remote Part is absolutely brilliant.
  • Why are the top 3 tracks from the very average Remote Part, take your pick from 100 broken windows, cos every song is top drawer!
  • i think it's right that bands like idlewild are not popular. Idlewild music like a fresh rain in this crazy world, i like that i know this band and hope they will continue their work. "You know that you always meant to be like this"
  • American English :)
  • 100 broken windows is good shit
  • Am desperate for a copy of the Scottish Fiction DVD, but can't find one for sale anywhere! If anyone can help me out, please message me -- I'd be super grateful!
  • They need to tour the states sooooooooooooooo bad!
  • i hated when this band wrote ballads or slow songs, especially because they were so good at writing fast songs. "if it takes you home" and "a modern way of letting go" are 2 of the best songs ever written.
  • Don't understand why nobody shows this band more love, my all time favourite.


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