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  • hahaha what the heck is this? ahhh funny stuff!!!!
  • what the hell is this crap?
  • Is there a way to flag this so we don't have to keep listening to it?
  • um...hello? huggy bear?
  • This is wrong on several levels.
  • Motherfuckers on fire, everywhere! This shit is getting deadly!
  • I am pretty sure Huggy Bear would be pissed at this
  • ö?
  • This is better guys
  • hmm, this isn't the huggy bear i know.
  • I agree with bertandswift.
  • this dumb intro is so not the huggy bear im lookin for. whatever,
  • dammit! gimme on of those 30 free tracks back! )
  • crazy sweet
  • Grrr, the top track is a skit???
  • tee hee hee-classic!!
  • ahaha! this is so fucking out of nowhere.
  • is this from a movie track or something?
  • La odiooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! ¡La odio!
  • wtf is this?
  • what is this madness?
  • what????????????menuda jilipollez
  • ooooow :(
  • >.<"
  • There seems to be other developments he's got a jet pack, he's got a flame thrower! Wait but look here comes Beanie man witha bad ass,,,, This SHIT IS GETTIN DEADLY>..... HA HA This dicks on Huggy Bear.
  • im this there another huggy bear this isnt the huggy bear i know :O
  • *bans track*
  • Heee? bastards... this sucks
  • Um.....what!!!
  • This sucks. This is not Huggy Bear.
  • This. Is. not. Huggy Bear. boo!
  • The... fudge?
  • ... ...why are jamaican men shooting eachother??????
  • huggy bear kicks ass so much!!
  • ..bring the noise project!!

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