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  • Tickets for the Manchester Gulliver's 8th November show available here
  • Great discovery. [2]
  • Great discovery..
  • Definitively this band has a 60's/70's Frisco vibe in the vein of Quicksilver Messenger Service and Grateful Dead.
  • Awesome!!
  • Cherokee Werewolf♥
  • Una banda que debería estar copando las listas si el mundo funcionara. Su último disco, 'The Russian Wilds', es una maravilla. Si queréis leer un análisis pormenorizado, pinchad
  • Full UK tour dates, including new Nottingham date:
  • ...this is so great!! 8)
  • I dont usually say this, but this band is fucking amazing.
  • Psychedelic/Stoner/Blues/Classic Rock Group. Join, discover and share: ;]
  • kurzes deutsches review und kompletter albumstream bei Mos Eisley Music:
  • Grateful Dead > Eagles, S/T > Magnificent Friend > Russian Wilds.
  • saw these guys open for the Queens of the Stone Age, had a great sound in 2007 live. Excited to hear this new album.
  • Yeah, each album's great. The self-titled sounded like it was recorded in a barn (I mean that as a compliment!) and was a good ol' time, even if it had a few excesses -- luckily those were smoothed out on Magnificent Fiend. TRW sounds like the band distilling their music through 70s AOR and acid rock, and the sound of 'em kicking back and enjoying the sprawl is amazing. That cover of "Collage" is the best one I've ever heard, too.
  • The new album is beautiful. Just went through the whole discography today, and what a maturity in sound. The original S/T LP is still freaking amazing, and Magnificent Fiend is still one of the best releases of the last decade, and the two EPs are still standouts, but man, what an amazing illustration of growth and change, yet keeping über-quality and never missing a beat. I think I just gave myself a boner.
  • for those who are over forty
  • Hey great new find for me :)
  • Album is amazing, just like I'd hoped. LISTEN NOW!
  • new interview with ethan of howlin rain:
  • Aww yeah, 2/14/12 -- should be incredible!
  • new album for valentines day 2012
  • Definitely my favorite Ethan Miller venture.
  • oops sorry.... : "though we are nearly done tracking the new record, making great sounds and progress and should see it's release in summer or fall of 2011" Waiting for it, so...
  • Ethan t'es où ? Come back!
  • Seriously. You guys need to get back to Chicago! Empty Bottle '08 seems so long ago. Come back tout d'suite!
  • great band :)
  • Amazing band. Love this song.
  • good life.
  • check out howlin rain's set at amoeba! Good Stuff.
  • Right on
  • If you guys are in Barcelona on 19th April don't miss the masters of Instrumental Psych: EARTHLESS. Check them out here:
  • Their music makes me happy :)
  • Great stuff. Hopefully they will come up with something new soon!
  • If you didn't know... Ethan does a blog and it has loads of good comets/howlin related shit to grab
  • Their name has no apostrophe -- check the official site and similar sources. Shame their plays are divided, though.
  • Falshstep, their real name is "Howlin' rain"'+Rain, not this, and their plays are divided
  • Man, I can't believe these guys only have 65K plays -- they're so good, they need more exposure!
  • I'm sad I missed them at De-Affaire, but the weather was simply too terrible to go out and watch them.
  • they were completely insane yesterday
  • Yeah, tight band. Good jamming stuff. Like the later album more than the 1st.
  • very nice, but it makes me want a new Comets on Fire album to come out even more.
  • Looking forward to see them in Holland at de-Affaire. (
  • Amazing. Ethan Miller, the world's most brilliantly ragged frontman, a genius band.
  • saw them live. Instant fan:D
  • The Firing of the Midnight Rain...laid back, bluesy and soulful =)
  • Holy God, their good...
  • New group "Retro rock" focuses on rock bands today rooted in the 60's and 70's rock. Welcome!
  • One of the best live outfits i have ever seen. Mr Miller is like a wound up spring.


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