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  • \\/ i agree, but the band is very good anyway.
  • A metalcore band masquerading as a traditional heavy metal/power metal band. These guys are more Trivium then they are Iron Maiden.
  • Holy hell the new album is awful
  • Somehow I like them more than White Wizzard.
  • nesses dias .. somente dissection immortal e um pouco de korzus e rammstein :D e a senhorita ? :DD
  • Interview I did recently with James and Eli.
  • Great band
  • [Take It to the Grave] NICE. (゚∀゚ )
  • ride the void's really grown on me, fucking love it!
  • Fight to kill!
  • Take it to the grave is an absolute killer song! @ screamin_jesus, yep, because they are perfectly combined with the clean ones.
  • Holy Grail – Ride the Void CD Review
  • New one's quite absorbing. Nice.
  • @Arklem I'm not a fan of the metalcore vocals either, but I must say there's one or two places where they do work well on the album, sich as ~3:15 on Bestia Triumphans
  • new album is great
  • far love the variation in style, it transitions well, especially Bestial whatever. I don't hate it, its great music, but not enough time yet to decide exactly where it will land. rock on bitches
  • Despite this fact, Ride the Void is a solid release from Holy Grail, and it outshines Crisis in Utopia in every aspect... from production to songwriting. Still, I prefer that old-school, traditional sound of Improper Burial.
  • those metalcore vocals just don't fit
  • new album aint as good as the first but it still a great record, maybe more listens will change my opinion
  • And melodic death metal totally doesn't fit in a Holy Grail album.
  • Really? I like the debut more... I liked all the vocals on the debut, but this time some tracks sound like they are melodic death metal.
  • "their follow-up is fucking great, I am very pleased. Only flaw is the return of the metalcore vocals." [2]
  • Was so disappointed by their debut, but their follow-up is fucking great, I am very pleased. Only flaw is the return of the metalcore vocals.
  • Well, they're a pretty obscure band. Maybe they'll get some more fans now that they're with Nuclear Blast.
  • Am I the only one alive here? Where the fuck is everybody??
  • Holy shit, Dark Passenger is perfect!
  • They signed a deal with Nuclear Blast. I hope that means the second album is going to be a masterpiece!
  • how do these guys not have 65898707 fans
  • Such a sweet band. Got to drink with Blake after their show in Edmonton. Best guy, best band, everybody should fucking love Holy Grail.
  • Saw these guys open for Dragonforce in Minneapolis, really liked them bought their CD
  • I got to see these guys play last night and it was great! They have a new guitarist who replaced Ian Scott, he was just as amazing though.
  • I was bummed I missed them because of exhaustion when I went to see them in SF. I did, however, get to watch James sing with Saviours since we made it for that set. Also got a shirt and a vinyl, so not all bad. Still, gotta see them and actually try to make it next time
  • why aren't they garnering more fans? this is so good
  • Haters, haters, haters, haters, haters.
  • trippy, love.
  • certainly not heavy metal
  • Saviours and Holy Grail in SF on the 23rd! Hell fuckin' yeah! Best way to start my Spring Break
  • Fuck Hellyeah!
  • saw this band live last year before a blind guardian show, was really impressed! great live band
  • badass band!!
  • They are really good
  • Crisis in Utopia -> Perfect album \o/
  • First E.P. - classic metal goodness. First album - Avenged Sevenfold drivel
  • This band would be so much better if they dropped the screamed vocals.
  • When I first listen to Crisis in Utopia I thought it was an OK band... but man they really grew on me! So fucking addictive! This band kicks ass!
  • The only tag Holy Grail needs is Heavy Metal. and maybe Speed Metal
  • @Generati0nWildx, James is 12 years older than you, :P Look:
  • O_O awesome!
  • Wasn't that impressed by the first album, especially because I had such high hopes after the E.P. Hopefully it'll grow on me.


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