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Holiday for Strings is the name of an old show tune from the 1930's that was composed by David Rose. It's probably one of the most upbeat songs ever written. When the band Holiday for Strings named themselves after the tune, they had never actually heard it.

The band is made up of five Swedish guys, of which three are former professional chefs. The other two are John from Peter, Bjorn and John, and Pony, from the group Thieves Like Us.

The group's music is a subtle mixture- post rock, kraut rock, pop, disco, and dub music all turn up in their experimental recipes. The band has existed on and off for about five years, slowly perfecting its unique musical blend.

Their first full-length release was titled CD and came out in 2006 on Stilll recordings. It's a post rocking, groove based album that earned them an opening slot on the 2007 European tour with Peter, Bjorn and John. The album was described by the music magazine Wire as "an unholy alliance between The Monochrome Set and the B52's."

In 2008 they recorded a 3 song EP, Two of You, released as a double 7" on Kanine Records NYC (Chairlift, Holy Hail, the Whip, etc). The title track was remixed by The Toxic Avenger, and Holiday for Strings toured the UK.

Their new album, Favorite Flavor, due out in Europe in March 2010, is released by Seayou Records (Paper bird, Thieves Like Us, etc.), and was recorded at the imperial Murlyn studios, just outside of Stockholm, a wooden mansion built in the 1600's which was originally the king's summertime and love get-away.


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