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Hocico (Aussprache: ) ist eine aus Mexico stammende Band aus dem -Umfeld. Ihre Musik kann als , , oder gar klassifiziert werden.


Die beiden Mexikaner Erk Aicrag (Texte & Gesang) und Racso Agroyam (Programmierung) formierten sich 1992 zu einer Band unter dem Namen Hocico de Perro. Die etwas seltsam anmutenden (und wenig spanisch klingenden) Namen der beiden sind Anagramme ihrer bürgerlichen Namen Erik Garcia und Oscar Mayorga.

Darüber hinaus bedeutet Hocico (ursprünglich war der Bandname… mehr erfahren



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  • Ofensor just nuclear-nuked my ears, I don't really understand some criticism I think it is absolutely an amazing album in every possible way.
  • to Borreh: "I love Hocico when they make disco-like songs like that" - Can't say I'm totally agreed with that. I like them, but my favourites are totally not disco-like (Starving Children, Fade into Oblivion, Total Mistrust). And, as I said, the new album is good, but not the best. And that's exactly because it lacks the tracks like the ones I mentioned above.
  • Fully ageed with the best-of list, especialy Mind Circus. I love Hocico when they make disco-like songs like that. Altough to that list I'd add Relentless - There's something about this song. It's special. Not the usual Hocico track, but I love the atmosphere it has.
  • The tracks from "Ofensor" are rather good, but not the best. As for me, I like Sex Sick, Bienvenido A La Maldad, Ofensor and especially Mind Circus. Mind Circus is even put into my personal "Best of the Best" list.
  • Ofensor is definitely not a bad album. It doesn't bring anything new to the table, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.
  • Memorias Atras>Sangre Hirviente>Wrack and Ruin>Odjo Bajo>El Ultimo Minuto>Ofensor>Signos de Abberacion>Tiempos de Furia
  • I was dissapointed by Ultimo Minuto, too. Something was off about that record. Had two or three decent songs but overall, meh.
  • What are you talking about Ultimo Minuto is way better than Offensor, go listen to it again. And IMO Odio Bajo is at the same level as Memorias and Signos, Hell on Earth is their best song.
  • Signos > Memorias > Wrack > Tiempos >>>>>>> Ofensor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ultimo Minuto

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