• July 2011 acquisitions

    4. Jul. 2011, 19:38 von lookbackbore

    Mike Oldfield: Airborn (2LP w/live tracks)
    Alexander Spence: Oar
    Laura Branigan: Remember Me
    Queen: Sheer Heart Attack
    Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10 (SACD - Semyon Bychkov)
    Alex Chilton: Live In London (Line)
    Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast (Capitol)
    Roxy Music: Avalon (SACD! - this wasn't just a "ha!" find, I nearly fell over....)
    Suppé & Auber: Overtures (Mercury Living Presence SACD - I miscounted previously, now I have four more to go....)
    Hilary Hahn: Bach Violin Concertos (SACD)
    Beck: Sea Changes (SACD)
    Jeff Beck: Beckology (3CD box)
    Jeff Beck: Rock 'n' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul (DVD)
    Various artists: Caroline Now - The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys (w/Alex Chilton, among others)
    Jeff Beck: Emotion & Commotion (CD+DVD)
    Alex Chilton: Black List (New Rose)
    Chet Atkins: Guitar For All Seasons
    Emmylou Harris: Wrecking Ball
    King Crimson: In The Court Of The Crimson King (CD+DVD-A, 40th Anniversary Edition)
    Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (original German)
  • Hiromi

    20. Feb. 2010, 12:43 von dougfarrar

    Hiromi's Sonicbloom

    David Fiuczynski Guitar, Group Member
    Tony Grey Bass, Group Member
    Hiromi Uehara Piano, Keyboards, Group Member
    Martin Valihora Drums, Group MemberHiromi's Sonicbloom
  • Another dumb tool...

    26. Sep. 2009, 5:55 von lost_soulofmine

  • Top 20-of-07-its long overdue-long overdue for who?

    16. Feb. 2008, 6:12 von sim_maiden


    2007 flew the fuck past me. I don't remember much of it. I remember fragments of it. And those fragments are nice. But as a whole it really just went far too fast for my liking. a lot of music and films whizzed by me, some resonated, some kept of flying by allowing some other douchebag to pick it up and call a lump of coal a brick of gold. That's not my problem.

    Here I'm going to tell you my top 20 albums of too thowe-sand &nd sev'n. Enjoy.

    20. port-royal - Afraid to Dance


    I remember downloading this from some Russian website and basically just hoping that I didn't get any spyware. Maybe I did, but along with it I got this wonderful little gem. I absolutely loved Flares when I heard it last year, it became an instant favourite. Wonderfully delicate ambient music from the shores of...Italy...yep. Although this isn't as great as Flares was, I often found myself just putting on headphones and sitting with this, doing nothing. …
  • Hiromi's Sonicbloom - "Time Control"

    29. Jan. 2008, 6:56 von Shu_Gi

    A very interesting CD - a kind of concept jazz album centered on the idea of time. It's my first CD of Hiromi, and i was at first kinda "blown away" by the force in that music. It's actually hard to say if thats really "jazz" - one writer i read actually stated its "orchestral fusion", which sounds also quite right to me. I would even add the word "funk" somewhere into that. So let's say its "funky orchestral fusion jazz" ;)


    Anyway, so far everytime i heard this CD i discovered something new, its full of creativity, sometimes maybe even a bit too much. Anyway, this album is full of joyful energy, worth much listening time ;)

    Time Control
    Hiromi's Sonicbloom
    Hiromi / Hiromi Uehara (piano/keyboards)
    David Fiuczynski (fretless guitar)
    Tony Grey (bass guitar);
    Martin Valihora (drums).
  • 上原ひろみ

    22. Nov. 2007, 20:56 von htchtc

    上原ひろみHiromi's Sonicbloom
    2007/11/22 @新潟市民芸術文化会館 劇場

    Hiromi (Hiromi Uehara) - piano, keyboards
    David Fiuczynski - guitar
    Tony Grey - bass
    Martin Valihora - drums


    ピアノソロ「Place To Be」は

    ラストは上原ひろみの「Johnny B Goode」
    =「Return of Kung-Fu World Champion」で

    Set 1:
    01. The Difference
    02. Deep Into The Night
    03. Time & Space
    04. Time Flies
    05. Time Control or Controlled By Time

    Set 2:
    06. Time Travel
    07. Note From The Past
    08. Double Personarity
    09. Time Out
    10. Place To Be
    11. Return of Kung-Fu World Champion

    Thu 22 Nov - 上原ひろみ

  • Fuji Rock Festival '07 (Day 3)

    30. Jul. 2007, 18:15 von htchtc

    Fuji Rock Festival '07 (Day 3)
    2007/07/29 @Naeba Ski Resort - Niigata, Japan


    @White Stage 11:30〜
    日本人メンバー Satomi Matsuzaki (bass, vocal) を
    アヴァン・ポップ・トリオ = Deerhoof ですが、

    ザ・キングトーンズ with Jimmy and the Vivids
    @Field of Heaven 13:00〜

    01. Doo-Wop Tonight
    02. Save The Last Dance For Me
    03. Good Night Baby
    04. Boogie Woogie Train (Jimmy and the Vivids)
    05. Only You (Jimmy and the Vivids)
    06. On The Wave (Jimmy and the Vivids)
    07. Come Go With Me
    08. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    09. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    10. Tennessee Waltz
    11. I Can't Stop Loving You
    12. Good Old A-Cappella

    上原ひろみHiromi's Sonicbloom
    @Orange Court 15:40〜
    ギターに怪人 David Fiuczynski を迎えた新編成で再登場。
  • Eight days in Japan

    2. Apr. 2007, 1:04 von RocketShipX41

    Maybe I should be proud of myself. I was in Japan for eight days and only spent a few hours in music stores. There was so much else to see aside from the inside of a Tower Records location. If you want to know about that, check out my blog (link in my profile).

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tower Records is actually alive and well in Japan. Apparently, when the parent company was in financial trouble back in 2002, someone bought up the Japanese operation, and have managed to keep it going while the rest of the world went under.

    At the big store in Shinjuku, I picked up

    * LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - The Greatest Hits
    * KANNO YOKO feat. SAKAMOTO MAAYA - 23時の音楽 (23 ji no ongaku this one seems tailor made for confusing tags, but that's more or less how it's credited on the cover - Kanno Yoko with sakamoto maaya on vocals for several tracks)
    * Tokyo Incidents (AKA Tokyo Jihen or 東京事変) - Adult pour Femme (AKA just Adult or 大人 - the labeling is very inconsistent)

    I was restraining myself.