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  • Remember when they used to be good?
  • What a wonderful surprise!
  • Every time I listen to these guys I just wanna eat fruit.
  • Why do people not like Original Colors? It's got that proto-dance structure to it, it's great.
  • Makes me feel like I'm stumbling through a rainforest, so humid and lush. Excellent stuff indeed.
  • please make more music, yr one of my favorite bands
  • bananuh sluhgs
  • Cool sound :) They have no bandcamp???
  • They actually have a song called Altos Lugares
  • If describing their early sound could be translated into words it'd be called 'space-jungle'
  • Banana slugs me lleva a la mierda <3
  • banana slugs. <3 drug music [2]
  • I REALLY HATE THE LAST ALBUM! miss that hazy, dreamy fun sound that they had on their first two albums[4].
  • ¿en qué andan estos chicos? yo soy bien forever high places-high places
  • :megusta:
  • wha? They're in London again? argh! Can't go this time.
  • It's selfish, but yeah I could have dealt with three or four albums in the spirit of 03/07-09/07.
  • Would it have been any better if they continued doing the same sound album after album?
  • year off <3
  • Perhaps, but I wouldn't quit my day job if I were them.
  • Or, they're making the music they want to make?
  • You don't get 2.3 million plays with 7 day charts like the one above. It's not evident... it's glaringly apparent these two fucked up.
  • "I really miss that hazy, dreamy fun sound that they had on their first two albums." [3] . in this case it's really totally evident that this was quite a notable band at first and not anymore
  • "I really miss that hazy, dreamy fun sound that they had on their first two albums." [2]
  • Love the new album!
  • Вот она,вот онаааааа...
  • I like vs. Mankind and Original Colors, but I really miss that hazy, dreamy fun sound that they had on their first two albums.
  • I'm so High Places
  • Can't stop listening to your awesome music!!! Love you guys! :)
  • Saw them for the 4th time last night!
  • о да)
  • awesome show last night!!!!
  • new video is great!!
  • Original Colors rules. 03/07-09/07 rules. S/T is pretty good. High Places vs. Mankind is good. Deal with it.
  • new album is great!
  • From Stardust to Sentience ... Short but Sweet
  • i also hate RogerHuxley
  • i hate it because RogerHuxley likes it
  • fucking hating that new album, so RogerHuxley-like.
  • fucking loving that new album, so tasty.
  • High Places made an awesome mix for No Conclusion Blog
  • Pitchfork is INSANELY powerful to making or breaking a band. Most other media sources just wait and copy Pitchfork's feed. I completely affects a band's abillity to tour, play festivals etc. Mr. Mocha, you agree with pitchfork, but as you can see on the comments here, they are not "right". Just one side of a coin that doesn't want to see this band try new things, and experiment, and honestly, I feel that this record is MASSIVELY improvement on the last.
  • I think P4K hasn't got that power anymore. It's so easy now to predict their judgements that it starts to ve boring. I think they should refresh the crew to be worth reading again. That's my opinion
  • new album is great to me haha
  • I don't think P4K is always right... they're just right on this one.
  • granted a lot of people like it too. I hope these guys focus on that and keep perfecting what they do. Pitchfork really needs to have less power. It is a complete monopoly, and it shocks me how many blogs just copy them. You wold think you would want to separate themselves form pitchfork rather than just seem like a pale copy.
  • i like how polarizing they seem to be, but it must feel tragic for them. It is definitely their strongest record IMO, and yes different, but not really if you really listen, All the elements are there. I wish more people writing realized how this sort of quick listen judgement writing can hurt a band. It must feel horrible to work so hard and just get totally trashed.
  • changing =/= improvement


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